Why we were walking in the pyramids on Christmas day?


We decided to take a cab, which will be there in just five minutes to save time. The only thing, which we didn’t expect, we couldn’t just catch any cabs. After standing on the street for about 10 minutes, one of the cabs finally stopped for us. However, when my husband told him we wanted to go to the pyramids, he drove off as fast as he came. I stood with my mouth open. How come the cab didn’t take us where we wanted to go? Honestly, this has never happened to me in Alexandria!

Then suddenly a local man approached us. He looked very poor but he told us to walk to the pyramids, that he would show us the way. My husband refused at first, but when we stood on the road for another five minutes and couldn’t get another cab, he finally agreed, because we really didn’t have any more time to waste.

He led us back past our hotel and on the way straight down then he turned suddenly and we came to a very strange and dark street where local people lived but they were very poor. There were horses everywhere, even in the house where people lived so they had horses inside and of course there was dirt and mess everywhere. I honestly have nothing against poor people and I’ve visited a poor neighborhood several times but this time I really didn’t feel comfortable.

After a while we went through it, and as the man who was leading us really knew everyone so everything was fine. Then five minutes later we came to the pyramids themselves. It was a really short distance. The journey actually took about 15 minutes.

Then the man led us to his friend from whom we bought our tickets to pyramids. I found that for the Egyptians they gave prices much lower again than for the Foreigners. Which was a great comfort to me because in times of demonstration prices were high even for Egyptians.

I had to show them our marriage certificate so they could give me ticket like for egyptans. The funny thing was when we were going through the checkpoint, I got a little daydreamy and I didn’t notice the policeman talking to me. Oppositely the policeman thought I was deliberately ignoring him so he got angry with me. For the first time in my life, my husband got involved with it to let me be, that I am his wife so why does he speak to me?!. The policeman finally apologized to him and let me go.

When we were finally inside, the man who brought us here wanted to recommend a carriage but said it will cost us 500 LE. Which was an excessive amount and so my husband and I talked in English about what we were going to do. What I didn’t expect was that the man suddenly started to answer to me in English.

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I was standing in shock because the way my husband and I were communicating might have been a little offensive to him. We ended up refusing the carriage because Asiya, thank God, wanted to walk. Which was a big surprise to me, because my daughter hates to walk but honestly we didn’t want to give 500 for the carriage. Then the man started haggling and we came to 200 LE which was acceptable but Asiya still didn’t want to. So the decision was made, we are going to walk…

However my husband was embarrassed because the man came all the way here with us and he had nothing from it, so he wanted to give him the 200 LE anyway. The man refused until he was really offended that we wanted to give him money for nothing. That was really weird because in Alexandria no one would be offended. In the end he and my husband somehow reconciled but then we went our separate ways.

So we walked slowly around the sphinx up to the pyramids. We were stopped on the way by about 50 people asking us “Why are we walking?” that they are going to lend us a horse just for 25 LE. My husband got tired of explaining to everyone that we just want to walk. Finally we reached the pyramids and when Asiya saw the camel, she immediately wanted to come to him. It’s true that wherever we go, Asiya is always looking for camels. I guess she gets that from me. Well, First she took a picture with him herself, then my husband joined her, and then they both sit on the camel. Unexpectedly the gentleman who lead the camel, took a little walk with them. That was really unexpected because my husband was scared and didn’t want to ride camel at all. However Asiya was overjoyed.

Then we went to Chufu payramid, which my husband tried to climb. Just a little bit, because he’s afraid of heights. Of course Asiya wanted to repeat it right after him. You’re probably surprised that I didn’t get involved in any activity this time. Honestly there wasn’t time because I was shooting the videos you’ll see below.

I was there for the third time but even this time, I didn’t go inside the pyramid. I didn’t even feel like I wanted to go there and I didn’t miss it. I don’t know why but just to be around the pyramids was great feeling. There was a great peace and a feeling of happiness inside of me. Also the time at the pyramids is going so fast. It was already 3:30 and we still wanted to see the sphinx. So we made the same circuit as always. Which is quite funny but the next time we go to the pyramids I promise to go inside. Also I will explore things other than pyramids. For I have said several times that there are many more things to see at the pyramids and especially they have uncovered new things that were not there before. However this time there was no time to explore them.

The thing that surprised me most about the pyramids was the weather. It was raining! Can you imagine? I thought it was so funny. How can it rain at the pyramids? I wondered if it happened in the time of the pharaohs as well, but I don’t think it did. Once it stopped rain, it was sunny and hot again. Well, just April weather.

When we got to our last stop, the spinx, we couldn’t even find the entrance this time. Luckily we found it after a while and itt was very crowded. There’s always a lot more people at the sphinx than the pyramids. What pisses me off the most is that they won’t let you near the sphinx. You’re looking at it from above and a few meters from it, which is really weird because you can touch the pyramids, climb on it, go inside but not on the sphinx. Therefore it confirms my theory, which I’ve mentioned in my video below, that They’re hiding something inside the sphinx.

In the end, Asiya and I bought a lucky charm, and then we went back to the hotel because it was 4 o’clock exactly and everything was closing up. However don’t worry, we still have another adventure in Cairo.

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