Wow! And it is here ! Article which I wanted to write long time ago but just now I persuaded myself to really do it !!! Let me take you for a while to the ancient world of the Egypt.Back to pharaohs and back to the time of mystic magic but also wisdom.If you are not a fan of history – IT DOES NOT MATTER. This article will be very refreshing and you will absolutely enjoy and love it !

To see and visit Pyramids was one of my Top dream in my Life. Since I was a child I was surrounded by a photos and pictures about pyramids – it was on my books, my wall, my phone, I have a lot of puzzles with pyramid, also mugs, pens,t-shirt, towel etc…it was incredible. And it was not just a period of my life but it kept with me for a years. Maybe I can say it keeps till now but in a lesser extent.




view from carriage


Anyway the first time I was in Egypt so I immediately went to the pyramid and I have to say my expectation with the reality was too different and too far away from each other. The first time I entered a pyramid it was very late afternoon around 4 pm and they were about to close already. But when they saw I am an foreign they still let me enter. I rented carriage with a horse and took a round around pyramid.

Well, before i though pyramid are in an open place in desert but the reality is its close district bordered by a fence and of course they earn a lot of money on it. I remember for the carriage I payed ONLY around 100 LE. but because I was with Egyptian person. If I was alone as a tourist I would pay much more.


3 pyramids

So I took the round around the 3 biggest pyramid and we stopped in front of each and I could even touch it – even its written its forbidden. The only thing,  I could not go inside because it was already very late and we were in hurry. then we reached the sphinx – it is really a big attraction, the Egyptian people will take your camera and photo you in a lot of different funny position but do not forget you have to pay them at the end 😀 so if you think they will do something free for you so you are very wrong. They are very kind but every kindness has own price.





Then what surprised me around the pyramids are a  lot of temples some are opened and you can see it and some are not and some are not discover yet. I am shock from this point because the Archaeologists searching in the pyramid place for a hundred years and still they did not discover everything. Even people say that we already know everything about pyramid and its too famous etc.. Its not true at all, we know just the basics…

But the atmosphere of this day was really amazing and very romantic, it was in the sunset time and the pyramid really appeared more attractive, and also the silent everywhere was fascinating, I just could enjoy myself and fly really to the deep history. I felt like I am pharaoh and just went to check my own grave 😀


desert with Cairo

At the end our tourist guide who drove the carriage asked for much more money then we dealt. It made me very angry and we were really fighting about it but I did not win and at the end I had to pay him more. So if I remember  we payed to him the final price 300 LE (200 le. just for his own) . So it was kind of expensive but thats the Egyptian way specially in tourist places.






The second time I have been in pyramids it was very different experience also. it was one year later and This time I was there at morning but even the way of entrance changed. Suddenly they were checking everyone – passport, nationality, bags, personal stuffs etc. The price also increased and specially for foreign. then this time  i decided walk the pyramid by my own. but on each my step every Egyptian asked me if i do not want to lend a horse or camel or the carriage. No one could understand why I want to walk. And my reason?



view on the district of pyramid


I really wanted to know if the pyramid are so far away from each other as it was written in books or not. And I have to say the books are lying. It was not too horrible or difficult and even the weather…a lot of foreign say when they were there- :we were about to die of the hot” but I swear I did not feel extremely hot at all. For me it was just a normal Egyptian weather.



entrance to the pyramid


Anyway this time I climbed up one small pyramid (not the famous one) and also entered inside of smaller pyramid. I was deciding if to enter the biggest Cheops pyramid or not. And fortunately I decided only for very very small pyramid. and I was really very grateful for it then.



At the top of the small pyramid

You know, I really desired to enter the biggest pyramid because I am still sure it has to be so beautiful but the entrance of the small pyramid  indeed changed my opinion about.

when i entered inside the small one so the way is just -deep, dark, small hole which lead precipitously down so you must crawl on your kneels and catch yourself from wood leader which is just lying down on the ground. I even do not want to imagine how many spiders and another animals was around me 😀

and When i reached down – it was just place from a stone and there was grave also from a stone for big luck empty with a description which king was found there. The another thing is I really could not breath well, underground its really heavy to breath and also I had a horrible bad feeling I will never reach outside the pyramid.

The pyramid makes you feel you are really in deep grave of the ground and you will die there. I just remember I was checking the entrance every second if they closed us there or they are waiting us till we go back ..  I feared so much that we will stay there and I wished every single second the moment already pass and i can see the daylight again.

there was also another visitors who wanted go inside but it was not possible. the capacity of the pyramid was for 4 people and on the way out or in  just 1 person could pass.





Then we got outside again – thanks God and we still went to see another temples inside in the district of pyramid and it was really beautiful..the painting are proved and we had also private guide who told us all information we wanted to know but sure he spoke Arabic. But also all the temples are very dark but fortunately they are not underground so I could enjoy this time. Unfortunately I did not make any photo inside because I though it was forbidden but it was not. So maybe next time…





Otherwise in the pyramid you will enjoy so much… It is impossible to be bored, there is so much to do and see. You can lend any animal – horse, camel, donkey etc… and ride it freely as you want even to the desert. No one will stop you and tell you what you should do and do is kind of freedom which I actually really appreciated.



animals on lending





View on Cairo from the Pyramid

After I enjoyed the day in pyramid, I was invited on a Cairo traditional party, which was behind the pyramid but far away. Anyway from the place where was the party you could see the pyramid perfect way. This really touched my heart..

To see the pyramid in day is something but to see it at night its Fabulous, Awesome, simply there are no words to describe the beauty of it. and I had also big luck because the sky was clear with the stars and moon and it was a warm night. I could not take my eyes off the view.and if it would be little possible I would stay looking at it forever. For bad luck the camera did not take any good picture of it so it will stay just in my memory.


Image result for egyptian belly dancers

Belly dancer



If you would like to know anything about the party itself – the place looked like this: on the land were arabian carpets with a big pillows so the visitors are sitting on the pillows and you could drink a tea or water pipe and they made for us a performance mostly from dancing – belly dancers and traditional man dancer and then it turned to Disco. And the disco I really hated so I spent my main time with a horse actually 😀

Then i just took a bus in lately night around 2 am back to Alexandria and I was totally exhausted. 


Image result for egyptian traditional man dancing

traditional man`s dancing

So do not be afraid and come to visit pyramid one day, you will definitely love it.  😀 

Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

12 thoughts

  1. Another great writing from you.
    And to think….you fulfilled a life long dream/desire to go to the pyramids.
    I was amazed that you said it was silent everywhere. I wonder how many people notice that? It would capture my attention….I long for silent. 😀

    I had heard, that the Sphinx was built, from the underground, up.Several miles down, is where it started.
    Or was that of the great Pyramid?
    Either way, I found it to be intriguing.

    We just do not know, what we do not. And I believe, one day, we will know.
    Thank you again, for the time you put into your writings.
    You present GENUINE information…books are great…but as you pointed out…they can deceive, also.


      • THANK YOU! I ENJOYED YOUR WRITINGS .Please let me know what you think of it because i amtrying to get someone who has the condentials to inspect and see that what have written is the truth and GOD is the builder of this gift for mankind.The key is the true foundation meaning being formed from the plates of the Earth is God’s work of ART. Not mankind’s.It will bring Mankind together as one.Another key is that each and everyone os us has the spirit of God in us and that is where our human emotions come from and our gift of procreation on creating life children

        Liked by 1 person

        • well, I read all of your blog. Some provements I agree with and some not. You give a lot of words from a Bible – well, bible was misslead by the time a lot, we have a lot of verses of bible so this cannot be the right prove but I agree that the pyramid represents a God and the all the mankinds and also I agree about gates of a heavens and the numbers of nations 12 etc..but also I believe that the pyramids was build by people. well there could be possibility it was not egyptians because as we know they believed in a lot of Gods not just one but they were extremely clever specially in numerology and space. It was famous that the pyramids was built as a copy of the its very
          questionable who it was but I believe that other people and civilizations always learnt from Egyptians. moreover I have studied the building of the pyramids long time ago and I had a book where they show that to build pyramids is not impossible and also from my own researches its very possible.
          well, in my religion Islam we say that Egypt is under control and protection from a God because of a prophet Youssef. It was a story saying: the egypt was not so hot and by a sand and desert etc.. no, there was a forests and green lands all around the country but because the people disbelieved in God so God decided to punished them and God removed all the greens and settled here a deserts then a prophet Youssef asked God to stop and save Egypt and God excepted his wishes so around the river Nile he left some greens so the people could survive. My point is I really agree that all egypt not just pyramid is very conected to a God and universe and there is something maybe we still cannot explain all as you told all is only about to find the truth about Heaven and its gates and Hell.


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