Black magic in Islam. Fake?

At the start of my blog, I promised you I will share with you the Truth about Egypt. And we all know TRUTH is not always pleasant but sometimes it’s really creepy and cruel. This is the day when I am going to fulfil my promise. I want to share with you one Egyptian story about Lover couple…notice it is really a true story from someone who I know actually. But for respecting and keeping their privacy I changed their names in this article.

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Ahmed was still a little boy when he falls in love with one girl. He was in primary school but he promised to himself that one day he will marry just this girl who called Fatma.
Fatma reciprocated his feelings and she also falls in love to him very deeply and she promised him to wait on him and marry him after they will grow up.
Time passed on and Ahmed did everything for his dream come true. He was studying, working, earning money so then he could buy a flat and was able to care about Fatma and his future family.
Ahmed and Fatma`s family always supported them in their love and they even agreed with the marriage without a problem. So soon they got engaged but suddenly strange things started to happen to Ahmed. Every time he visited Fatma in her family house suddenly he could not find his personal stuff. Like a t-shirt, jeans, even briefs etc…When he returns to his mother and she asked him where those things are so he simply answered,,I do not know, maybe I forgot them in their home but it is not a big deal.”

But unfortunately, Ahmed was very wrong because it actually was one of the biggest deal. By the time when he visited Fatma over and over, he found his things -one by one. He took them to his home and his mum washed his clothes. But when she did so and she made it on a balcony to dry so the second day she noticed something very strange…One of Ahmed T-shirt was burnt in the middle, in the shape of a crucifix. Obviously, she was in a shock but she could not connect it with anything why this should happen. So she just let it be..
A thousand situations like this happened to Ahmed but he never found and never cared


So the years passed very quickly and finally, they got a marry. Obviously they were too happy. They had big love and now with the marriage, they had feeling nothing can separate them and no one can harm them. Ahmed also got a job in Qatar for a better money so their life became really very good. Fatma, of course, went with him to live in Qatar.

After one year of marriage they started to have a problem and it was that Fatma could not be pregnant and no one knew why. All doctors told they are both fine and they did not find anything wrong with them. Of course they started to be a depressed of it and started to fight a lot with each other. Then they decided to return to Egypt.

In Egypt

One day Ahmed was talking with his friends about the problem that he cannot have a baby and if they do not know any doctor or any other solution what could possibly help him. And one of his closest friend got an idea to go for a sheikh (hard religious man) and seek advice from him.And because it was his last hope and he had nothing to lose so he really went for the sheikh directly with his wife.

When they explained the problem to the sheikh so he started to recited a Quran on them and he found that someone make a magic on them. The sheikh`s answer to them was“check the private things of your wife”. Ahmed could not believe what he heard but he listened him and as soon as he came back to home he checked with his wife her private things.
They found a closed envelope. Ahmed asked Fatma What is it and from Whom? And Fatma answered “It was a gift from my mum when we got married but I have never opened it. My mum just told me  it will protect me all our married life.”

Of course both of them were very curious whats inside and they decided to open it. When they opened the envelope, they found a paper and the words on the paper were written by blood. On the first sight they could not recognize the meaning of the words but after….it was a words of Quran (Muslim holy book) written opposite and by blood. (Explanation: if a words of Quraan are written opposite way it means kind of disbelieving and the person who did it is connected with a devil.)

They got scared very much and immediately they brought it to the sheikh. When he saw it he told them that the person who gave it to Fatma is the one who make a magic on them. Then he burnt the paper and recited a Quraan on them again to make the magic away of them. But it was not successful and the magic stay with them..The problem was they could not understand Why. Why a Mum of Fatma do this on them? After long thinking they called her and asked her directly if its true..If she makes a magic on them. And surprisingly she answered: “Yes, I am the one who did a magic at you.”

And the reason?

The dad of Ahmed and dad of Fatma was a brothers and they both were from Aswan. So Ahmed and Fatma were indeed cousins. But the dad of Ahmed moved to Alexandria and he also died here. And when he died so in his inheritance was written that he owns 2 big lands in Aswan and he gives it to his son. Well but when Ahmed and Fatma were supposed to marry, mum of Fatma wanted to Ahmed writes this 2 lands for Fatma, so in case they would divorce it will be Fatma`s property forever. Ahmed refused and Fatma agreed with him. The mum got angry at Ahmed and she told Fatma brought shame to her family because she agreed with Ahmed in this point.
Whatever the mum never showed anger, she kept it in herself and started to make her devil work.

Ahmed went to his family and told them everything. and when his mum heard this she wanted him to get divorce immediately. But he loved Fatma and did not want to lose her so he refused. But the same evening when he was on his way to home he found his flat in flames. He started to run as fast as he could and he found the door was locked and he could not open it. He called all the people who was around and they broke the door and they found all the furniture in fire all over the flat and Fatma was deeply sleeping in her bed. He took her out and saved her life but the furniture and flat got destroyed.

Then they found again the furniture bought mum of Fatma and on each of piece she made a magic and the sheikh told them it was she who made the fire from distance. Fatma only told ” When my mum gave it to me she told as long as I will keep it, it will protect my marriage life and  Ahmed would not be able to harm me in any way but she also told me to do not tell it to  Ahmed. “They tried to reach her mum but suddenly no one can find her anymore. She disappeared.And since this time the things went worse. Fatma started to blame herself and she started to say that her mum is right in everything and Ahmed start to say that he does not love her anymore etc. Then the final solution came and Ahmed decided to divorce Fatma. ( in Egypt when you want to divorce so the man must say to his wife these words: I divorce you. 3 times)

But when Ahmed opened his mouth and wanted to say ” I divorce you “He was not able to say it or even to spell it. He is able to say any words but this sentence NO. Even if he does not see Fatma.
Even the sheikh was hopeless in this case and he told its a black magic. He advised them to keep some Islamic rules and to pray and be patient. But indeed no one can help them. they are in the hands of magic and hatred.

How the story will end ???

Please, if you could pray for those people and wish them luck that their Love will win and they will stay together happily forever.


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