Egypt VS Europe -Should be women at home or work?

Since I came to Egypt my opinions started to change very radically way. And specially about a women case. I grow up in the environment that I have to study  a lot and have a good results in school because after I finish my school I will immediately start to work and earn money. I must study well to get the best job with the best money. Then go to university,  buy my own flat,  feed myself and so on...But the biggest point was to be independent from parents and any men. simply to live on my own and do not rely that someone will help me or save me. So my life was actually managed and prepared before I could even decide what I want and who I want to be…Also I did not know another way of living so I simply agreed with everything till time I met Egyptian women…

When I came to Egypt everything changed, everything was different.I saw the women staying at home – they did not work or they did not go to school every day -they did not have to and they were happy! My point is I was always stressed from school. Because my parents put on me a big pressure that its the most important thing in the life so I was so stressed that when I had some occasion or a birthday and I received some gift so I had feeling I do not deserve it..because I am not so perfect student as my parents imagine ….

But In Egypt this does not work at all because they do not put the school or a job or a money on the first place…For me it was really shock.. I saw the girls in the normal school year if they do not want to go to the school so simply they do not go.. and their parents are not angry with them at all. Well Egyptian parents have also expectation that the children will have high result or will be a doctor or engineer but mostly this pressure is putted on a boys but with a girls at the end if she is “stupid” its fine. The Egyptian prepare the girls not for a work but for a marriage- to learn them cook and clean, dance, how to be beautiful,  and they should think only about the husbands on the first place (what they like, how to satisfied them  etc.) and to bring a lot of babies and learn them how to care about the children. 

The first time I heard and saw this I thought they are totally crazy, for me it was kind of madness to think just this way. And I admit i saw these girls as a primitive humans but by the time I really started to think different. Because even they are stupid so whatever stupid they do the man actually will be happy with them at the end..

Now look at the Europeans .. the girls are more beautiful, strong, active, smart, independent but the men are not happy with them in a marriage. So the question at the end is Why??? Its from simply thing… they learnt us in Europe all except “How to keep the family happy”.In Europe they put to every girl mind that the men are actually “animals” who think only about food and satisfaction. So they say the girls are much more better and thats the reason why they learn us to be independent from any men. Also they learn us to do not have a baby in a young age and if you have so 1 or 2 is enough..Simply in every stage in your life they put the career and money on the first place. So actually it cannot work together. And thats why the men are more happy with the Egyptian girls at the end..


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About staying at home the Egyptian girls never complain. They like to stay at home because they live just for the husband, babies – simply for the family. And if she stay at home and she is rested so she make the family happy. She does not put herself to a big pressure but it does not mean she is closed at home 24 hours. No, she goes with her friends and for a families and having fun by her own etc…so if she need s help from others she ask for it and all will help her. but the biggest point she make her family comfortable. she does not want to prove something to herself in a career.

But Europeans hate to be and stay in home. They immediately see it as they are slaves,maid and not free and they are very uncomfortable with  to let the man feed them. For them its kind of insulting. so even you have a babies all will tell you – you have to be perfect wife, cook, mother, and still you have to find a way to earn money by yourself. so they put the women to a such big pressure that she cannot be happy even she would like to be..and if any women admit she likes to stay at home all will think about her that she is spoiled and lazy.

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You know I do not see a problem if the man is not able to feed the family alone so of course the woman should help him but if the man is fine with everything and has enough money to feed his family why the woman has to work if she does not want? Well if the woman want to work so do it and be happy but if she does not want why the European style force them to do it????

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I think that to be pregnant for 9 month, deliver the baby and to care about the baby for rest of the life its really hard job and should be appreciated much more than if the man goes to work every single day. And it is not only about the babies its also about the husband – to keep him happy and care about him, its also about you – to care about yourself and to make yourself happy. Then its about the home – to clean and cook this is another very hard job which have to be made daily. I cannot help myself but I see that to be a woman is much more harder than to be a man and earn money. 

you know I met a lot of women in my life who tried to be a perfect one – to have a family and work together. But all of them are complaining always about something. No one of them is truly happy. I mean the woman is human being not a superhero.. So if she is not able to work – do not force her.. Let her choose whatever she wants to her life..

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Please do not put the money and career before happiness. Because if you can make your husband and your babies happy then you are kind of perfect woman and it is totally enough. do not underestimate maternity, do not put yourself down only because of silly work. 

If you give enough love and care to your baby so one day he will grow up in amazing person who trust in himself with a good self-confidence and he will have a good life. So then you make something amazing for the society…

Please, think about it with an open mind and appreciate the women because they really deserve it…

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8 thoughts

  1. thanks for bringing up good points.

    it is important for women to keep in mind that if they are not able to keep up with earning money, they & their children risk terrible things should their marriage no longer work or if their husband becomes unable to work

    everyone should be allowed to pursue what makes them happy.

    the ability to choose, rather than become stuck is what is at issue *

    Sajda, wishing you & yours the best for 2017 🙂

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    • Thank you Daal for very impressive comment. Yep I guess you got my point 😀 but honestly by your comment just now I recognized that the freedom to choose should have also the husband. At least to choose the work what he likes to do if his wife for some reason is unable to work. well it is on another topic but you just opened my eyes different way 😀 thank you.. I wish you the best in this year 2017, hope your dreams will come true

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    • maybe you right and its really crazy but i wrote it because a lot of women try to be perfect workers and mothers in the same time and I know a lot of who destroyed their life because of it and specially in Europe. and I heard a lot of stories when the man use his own wife for bringing money while he does nothing ! you know a lot of awful cases. I just wanted let the woman know they are not prisoners and they have the right choose.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no, it wasn’t meant as a critique or anything like that at all! I just thought it was funny to think about how different the perception is in the different countries, that’s what I meant about crazy 🙂


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