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Love Coaching 1 to 1 – Call 60 min. on Zoom

Are you in love with Egyptian man, but you are not sure that he is the right one? or do you have general problem with your Egyptian love? Let’s have a call on Zoom 1 to 1 when we can discuss all your problems and solve them.


Online Video Course

The Essential Guide being with Egyptian man – Online Video Course

Who Is This Course For: We have created this incredible course with an array of women worldwide in mind. For you to be able to understand many different aspects of what is really involved with being married to an Egyptian Men. What does this course include? An abundance of knowledge has been perfectly created into 5 main topics which are: -How an Egyptian Man might change after Marriage? -Why an Egyptian Man might change after Marriage? -Things to consider when leaving the Marriage -The Divorce Process -Legal aspects to Consider During Divorce



Don’t fall in Love with Egyptian man – Ebook

Full Guide about Egyptian man. After reading this, You will be able to recognize by your own who is good with you and who is messing up. No Egyptian man will ever trick you or cheat you again.


Egypt Loves You – Ebook

Romance Book. Join me on the course of my personal adventures through Egyptian culture and self discovery. With impulsive decision making full of spontaneity and finding myself in peculiar situations, I navigated my way through both the beauty and chaos that lives in Egypt. Here I found myself.


Dining LIke a Pharaoh – Ebook

Recipe Book: Perfect connection of Egyptian cuisine, legends, own stories and history. I wanted this recipe book to be more than just a casual book with recipes. It should represent the Egypt, Egyptian people and also Egyptian mentality. It will teach you How to cook as true Egyptian but also to be and feel like an Egyptian.


Spanish version



Czech Version- česky

Egypt tě miluje – ebook česky

CZK 200.00

Life in Egypt

Advices and stories about Egyptian Love and Egyptian men. My own stories about places which I visited and experiences which I have been through Egypt.

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Books I wrote

Do you know I am already writer? Yea I wrote Two books about Egypt and third one is coming soon 4/2/2022! Where and how can you get it?

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About Me

Since I was 5 years old I knew one day I will live in Egypt. It was a crazy dream who no one believed. However It was Enough I believed in Myself.

So when I’m not spending time with my wonderful Egyptian kid and husband, I love writing and creating videos about Egypt and my adventures in this awesome country.

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