Meet our Egyptian Family

Hey there!

Welcome in our Egyptian family. I’m The Niqab Girl and I am so Passionated about Egypt. Egyptian culture, habits, traditions, Places, food and Love.

Happy to join us, hope you will have great time ❤

From the blog

Life in Egypt

Advices and stories about Egyptian Love and Egyptian men. My own stories about places which I visited and experiences which I have been through Egypt.

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Books I wrote

Do you know I am already writer? Yea I wrote Two books about Egypt and third one is coming soon 4/2/2022! Where and how can you get it?

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Ancient Egypt

Are you fond of Egyptian history? Amazing! So am I ! As always I do it original way and I always search for very interesting topic which you might never heard before.

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About Me

Since I was 5 years old I knew one day I will live in Egypt. It was a crazy dream who no one believed. However It was Enough I believed in Myself.

So when I’m not spending time with my wonderful Egyptian kid and husband, I love writing and creating videos about Egypt and my adventures in this awesome country.

Let’s hang out

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