We need your help

As we ran into 2022, The Niqab Girl site already run out of free storage. Without YOU we will not be able to continue this awesome Egyptian journey which you joined me in.

Our plan is easy. To Upgrade this site and show even more content from Egypt and to teach more people about Egyptian culture.

Show your support now and help us keep this site for those who need it the most.

2 thoughts

  1. Good morning ma

    please I want to talk to you about my f iance
    he s from Egypt but sometimes he we not call me for a week and last week he blocked me from all his social media
    and i called him directly but his not picking his phone
    but suddenly yesterday he used another number to text me on telegram

    And he said police arrest him for calling foreigners

    Please is it possible because
    am shock because have been to cairo and lebanon before and nothing like that

    Later he said he’s from is school

    Because he’s still in army school
    But the time he blocked me he go home for vacation and from his school to his house is 5 hours journey
    So am suprise how can they arrest him
    Just like that

    Please I just want to know if this the way Egypt army school operates

    Bcs am going true emotional torture right now


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