Great Pyramid is speaking to the Earth

,,Surid son of Salhouk, one of the Egyptian kings before the flood of the world, built 2 great Pyramids. The Reason for building the pyramids was a dream. Surid had a dream 300 years before the Flood of the world. In his dream: the whole Earth was flooded with water, people swam helplessly around the earth as drowned, and the stars left their paths out of confusion and collided with terrible noise.

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Even the King believed his dream, he did not tell anyone about it. But he called together priests from all the provinces, and told them the dream. They told him: Great calamity would befall the Earth, but after that Earth will bear grain and dates again. King decided to build the Pyramids and the priest` s prophepcy wrote on pillars and stone tablets. Inside the Pyramid he placed his treasures and dead bodies of his predecessors. Also he told to the priests to save there written records of their wisdom and the conveniences of science and art. Then he built underground canals to the waters of the Nile. All the chambers were filled with talismans, idols and another magic things. Also records of priests containing all kind of knowledge: names and properties of medicinal plants, knowledge of calculating and measurement science. To be preserved and to benefit those who will be able to understand them. ,,

Abu Hasan Ali ibn Husain al-Masu`udi, who wrote these words, was founder of Arab history. Also was called as ,,Arabian Herodotos,, because many people called him story teller. However I mentioned this story because his words turned to be true. Especially in the part when he spoke about underground canals and chambers filled with precious things, as I wrote in my previous article about Sphinx. So if this was correct why the other part of the story cannot be right?

However Let` s go little bit deeper to the secret of pyramid.

Nikola Tesla once told: If you only knew the Magnificence of the number 3,6 and 9 then you would have the key to the universe.

Tesla was obsessed with Pyramids and he studied materials from Ancient Egyptian. Also he mentioned that these numbers FREE Energy and make it outside of physical world. The Impossible is happening with these numbers. And these numbers are very important for understanding the pyramids itself. So I personally believe Tesla borrowed the wisdom of these numbers from Ancient Egyptian people.

Lets explain it step by step.. Firstly look at this: In the Giza we have 3 Great pyramids and 3 small pyramids. Together 6 Pyramids.

on this pyramid we can see it has 8 slides

If you look on one pyramid from up you will find it does not have 4 corners but 8 and plus 1 one the top it will give you number 9.

Well this was a slight start, now we will speak about Eerie precision of Great Pyramid.

I will use some of the words of Dr. Graham Hancock:

Axis of the Great Pyramid is 30|60 of 1 degree of true North ( Astronomical North)

Pyramid contains 2,5 millions individual blocks and 6 millions tons. If we take all the gigantic mountain so you are aligning it within just 360th single degree of True North.

If we measure the pyramid so scale pyramid is 1: 43200. The dimension of the pyramid gives you the dimension of this planet!!! That`s incredible!

If you measure the base perimeter of the Great Pyramid and multiply it by 43200 you get the equatorial circumference of the earth.

Base: 3024×43200 = Equatorial circumference of the Earth

Height: 481×43200 = Polar radius of the Earth

Is this already blowing up your mind? No worry I still have more to say.


For sure you know we have 12 Zodiac. and Each Zodiac in this earth take 2160 Years. For Information now we live in the age of Aquarius. The last Zodiac by Astronomy.

Our planet moves 1 degree every 72 Years – defined by key motion of our planet. We allocate 30 degrees to each of the 12 constellations of the Zodiac. And now multiply 72 by 30 and you get 2160 Rhetorical Age.

Take whole cycle of Zodiac-12 constellations each with 2160 and we get ,, GREAT YEAR,, called by ancient people.

Great Year is where everything cycles back to the beginning and the whole process starts again 25920 years.

Beside it is very important to notice that number 72 we find all over earth. All Ancient People was using this number, not only Ancient Egyptians.

And finally we are at the end of our article so lets watch the numbers

Earth moves 1 degree every 72 Years 7+2= 9

Base circumference 43200 4+3+2 = 9

Divides into base 600 6+0+0= 9

Latitude of Pyramid 30 3+0= 3

Full Cycle 25920 2+5+9+2+0= 9

Zodiacal age 2160 2+1+6+0 = 9

As we can see Tesla words were correct. Pyramids really are made from the numbers 3,6 and 9. Is it also the language of the future? What about if mathematic is live language speaking to us but we are just not ready to understand it? And what about if the pyramid the hall of records contains all of these secrets? And if so How Tesla was able to get these information?

Besides the Theory the pyramids are connected to the universe and are able to spread wireless electricity all over the earth seems also be true. we use 80% of Telsa inventions today so why he would be wrong about this?

My own idea about this: if in the pyramid using our magic numbers 3,6,9 we Free energy and it is connected to the universe, why it cannot be for travelling in time as well? or make the dead bodies be alive forever? Also From Tesla work we know for time travel we need just light and number 3. and as I remember Tesla tried to time travel and he succeed by luck. and he saw the past, present and future in the same time.

As much as it seem insane its famous that 20% of Tesla work is hidden and government do not want to show it to the public. Who knows what it contained? and who knows what pyramid want to tell us?

But I believe one day we will find out.

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