The modern Library of Alexandria

We thought that in this Alexandria library we will find everything, all the knowledge of the world at least this They teach us in the school and we see it in every historical movie. But nowadays a lot of changed. so our Imagination about this library is actually fake one.


The entrance of Alexandria Library

So as every day we had to wake up soon to be on its place early. The weather was sunny and windy so it was actually perfect for sightseeing again. But when we arrived there I got very disappointed. You know, I entered Alexandria Library inside just one time in my life even I live so near to it. I wish to visit it every day but there is actually no opportunity for me to do it.

So I thought when my parents will be here I will go inside with them finally because we had a time on it. But unfortunately even this time I was not able to enter because we had with us a little baby and they told us the kids can enter when they are at least 10 years old. I will not describe it more – Simply I had to wait outside.
But my parents for good luck entered inside with my husband who was for them as a tourist guide so he explained them everything and told them even the history.


My husband as a tourist guide with my mum


The important points of the library are these:

Alexandria Library was one of the largest library of the ancient world. It was created by Ptolemy I Soter ( who was a Macedonian general and the successor of Alexander the Great). In that time books were kept in papyrus scrolls. This library is most famous for having been burned down  by the army of Julius Ceasar in 48 BC and an attack by Aurelian in the 270s AD.

After the main library was destroyed, scholars used a “daughter library” located in another part of the city. The library may have finally been destroyed during the Muslim conquest in Egypt in AD 642. Well at the end Alexandria Library was built again exactly on the same place as the ancient library, in the year 2002.

If you are interested more about its history I am pretty sure on internet you will find a lot.




Alexandria Library inside

No doubt the historical part they loved and enjoyed too much. Just they was a shy to ask my husband go between the regals of the books and touch them so they was just watching it from up. When I knew this I was actually angry at them because they could touch the books what they desired all their life especially my mum but simply because of shyness they missed the chance.
Otherwise the Alexandria library is really modern today.. Everything is new inside even outside and students use a computers and so on… So do not imagine it is really ancient one, it is not anymore.



closer view to Alex library

Beside the library we have directly a museum of Alexandria, Islam and Pharaohs all together actually. And they also entered it and made a forbidden photos so I will show you here how it look like inside because this you will not find on internet. And this museum I personally never entered.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well beside the museum we still have a book fair with a thousands of books from every country its really enormous one – some book are very cheap some normal prices and some expensive, you can find in a lot of langues – arabic, english, germany, italian, french etc..



Statue of Alexander Great, on the right the bridge going to Alexandria Library and on the left a musem of Aleandria


Except book fair you can see there a statue of Alexander Great and on the flour big sun-dial and that`s really very beautiful.

Then we have there even a bridge which has a two ways – one way is going near to the sea, so you can go there watch the sea and read your books, in the middle of the bridge we have a coffee shop and the second way is going directly to university.

Well let me explain you that you can imagine it the right way: the Alex library, museum, book fair and so on is One complex and the universities (a lot of universities in one place) is the second complex and this two complex are connected by the bridge to make it more easier for the students to enter quickly any time they need..Well this I see really perfect.



Alexandria Library from outside the complex (the circle building behind}

After spending a few ours we were enough educated and also very hungry.
For big luck we were invited to my husband friend`s home and his wife is a perfect chief .She is actually not from Alexandria but she was born near of Luxor and the way how she cooks I cannot even describe how much its delicious…
She made a duck with yellow rice and another meat and salad and I definitely have to show you the photo. Because the dining table was indescribably perfect.

And after this amount of food what we consumed we still had a fruits, cocktail and tea..
My family was extremely happy and they praised the food and even the way how they treated them.

Well in Egypt every family when they have a guest try to make their best to entertain them.  The more you go down and deep to Egypt the more people are kind to the guests.


” I really adore and hardly appreciate this Egyptian behavior toward a guests. European should really learn from them.”


Thank you for reading next day of 14 days of improbable vacation and if you missed the previous one so do not be sad, it is right here:

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  1. Would love to visit Alexandria. maybe I could drop by here.

    Thanks for featuring the modern look of this city that captured my imagination being the center of knowledge in ancient time.


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