We took our seats on the sea but It would not be Egypt if something did not happen

wave Firstly I was thinking to go to my favorite Cafe Taverna. I am sure you already knew it because I mention it all the time. But I was thinking because of you I should go to different place, to gain new experience and new photos. So that`s what happened. I actually did not choose it by my own, it was by luck. I was walking with my family on the sea road and we passed by many cafe and just point to one and went inside. And We went to cafe called Wave. A very beautiful name for such a place indeed.

Boys swimming in the cold sea

But my first impression was a big disappointment. There were no free place to sit near to the sea and people were smoking Shisha and all was under smoke and the place seemed not clean. But we sit down in the middle of the cafe and were choosing our orders.

Flute Cake – Woow

So I wanted really to have a Milk Shake Flutes. Do you know “flutes”? Its a brand of chocolate which I adore so much and I found it only in Egypt till now. And those Cafe on sea are making really Wonderful Milk shakes from it. So I really looked forward on it so hard..My badluck then…My husband misunderstood me what I want and he ordered me Flutes Cake. So what Can I say.. I was so mad at him..I really hate if I want something and I get something else but after few minutes I was not able to afford just look at the cake.. Obviously I started to eat it…Wooow….I did not eat a better cake in Egypt. Really the Best of Best. It was too big cake that I fed even our family children and we all were full.

Amazing Strawberry drink

The rest of family had a fruit drinks – mango, strawberry and even there was a new try called “white lemon” – was lemon and milk. Also very delicious. Some people went away and we took our seats on the sea, so we were watching the beautiful sunset at the end.

Sunset before the sunshade hide my view

But it would not be Egypt if something did not happen…Guess what…In the middle of the sunset, when I am really flying, focusing on the sunset and taking picture for you…One Egyptian woman sitting behind me asked the waitress to scroll down the sunshade because the sun bother her. And the sunshade got in my view. So we asked to make it up again but the Egyptian woman of course refused. There was a fight for a time but like always the Egyptian woman won. Anyway we were still waiting on a cousin who should come to sit with us and enjoy the time. My husband ordered a pizza for making the environment little bit calm. We had a pizza with Tuna also very beautiful. Before we finished the pizza, the cousin came, we still sit and talk for a little time…our children were playing as running in all the cafe and jumping over the seats..but no one complained, its kind of a normal in Egypt. And when the Sunset finished, they made the sunshade up and I was so pissed of that I had to leave right away.

My Mother in Law with family children

But before I really left they asked me to write my personal experience and opinion about the Cafe. For sure I started to write immediately…it was Something for me! I wrote that the place itself must be really cleaned up, it really looks dirty but the food and drink was the Best. Much better than Taverna. IMG_20191104_194924.jpg Prices are also acceptable 20-45 L.E. That`s still very nice on Egypt. So actually I would recommend you to go try it there, as I told the food will very satisfy you and also the view on the sea. But Personally I am not planning to go there again. 

Thank you for reading

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  1. I arrived here by chance and I felt lucky because I liked what I found. Good luck with all your projects.
    I would like also to invite you to have a walk in “El zoco del escriba” and have a the with me and discuss about whatever you prefer.
    Alberto Mrteh (El zoco del escriba)


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