New Month is Here ! Do you feel that the time is passing so fast? I definitely do! Sometimes I really feel pity that we cannot stop the time in the beautiful moments. But that is the Life.  Well, do not be melancholic as me 😀 and Let`s look whats new in Egypt.


Beach in Montaza, Alexandria

We are in the middle of summer and I hope you really enjoy it, you took a holiday and visited a lot of new places. Don`t you? Here In Alexandria we are over crowded by tourists specially on the beaches.

But what is really funny most of the tourist are not foreigner people but they are Egyptian. Here it works like this: People from Egypt who are not from Alexandria, take a vacation here and people from Alexandria are going to take vacation in another places. Sometimes I see this really ridiculous. The people have the sea almost in front of their homes but they do not find a place for them because the beaches are over full by the people outside, or they say the sea here is not so luxury as in Marsa Matrooh or Marina. These two places are mostly where people from Alexandria usually go. Also they use to go to Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada and North Coast.


Fishing in Alexandria

But in my point of view the sea in Alexandria is beautiful. But here is one disadvantage and its you have to pay money when you enter the beach. Every beach has different price. Well, we have also beaches for free for poor people but these parts are really full of rubbish so I do not recommend you to try it.

Anyway the temperature right now is around 40 and in Cairo around 50 maybe more so its really perfect time to be just inside the sea and do not do anything.


All photos what I added here from Alexandria but without tourist. I wanted show you the beauty of the nature.

Another news

I was checking the statistic of my followers and I found that till this day around 120 people is following me. It is not so bad but I have decided when I will have 1 000 followers I am gonna share with you my first E-book. Of course the E-book is about Egypt but what exactly I am not gonna tell you :D. It is surprise !


So if you can help me and recommend me to your friends, family and another people I would be really grateful. I am writing this blog only for my passion about Egypt and that I want the people around the world know the reality. I do not have any profit from it so do not worry it is not business ! 😀

-Another thin

g is if you have any question about Egypt or Islam or whatever else, please always ask me. I love a questions so much so it will be my pleasure to answer you. Of course if you do not want to ask in public, you can always contact me on this email:

And also if you have some tip,idea, question, interest in somethings whats related to Egypt – share it with me and I will write article about it.

Okay, Thank you so much for your likes and comments anyway

and Wish you beautiful summer.




Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

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    • oh really? I m happy to hear that … I also say that the water is beautiful and clean but pity that Egyptian people does not think so 😀 But now I m really proud more on Egypt when I know the sea is better than in Jamaica 😀 Thanx for this comment

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