Egyptian women held high offices in the state and could marry freely to the men of their choice


Paper is about women in ancient Egypt. What were their rights and what the law says? I remembered years ago, I was very eager to get all the ancient Egyptian law,, Maat ,, but till now I do not have full information about it. However, this information about the women which I have gained was not easy to get and is just from the true ancient Egyptian law.

Now, after years of reading it again, it totally shocked me. Are you asking why?  because it is incredible how the country was mature and emancipated. Compared to today, women’s freedom was far greater than we have today in Europe or America. Perhaps you can not imagine how women freedom could be greater than now. Don’t worry, you’ll understand everything in a minute.


The LAW in a woman´s life in ancient Egypt

First point

Since the establishment of the Egyptian monarchy, women have enjoyed complete freedom. They could move freely and retain their own names.

They could travel as they wished, and after their marriage was keeping their own surnames, it did not change to her husband´s one.


Second point

They were not forced to live closed and separated from the world of men. Nor were they subject to the inexorable authority of the all-powerful father or husband.

So I really want to have this today. A lot of men are tormenting and treating their wives badly, and a lot of fathers are treating their daughters not nicely. The world could be much better without the men authority is some cases.


Third point

Egyptian women held high offices in the state and could marry freely to the men of their choice.

This point made me really happy. They could build their own careers and get into huge positions and government. They had the possibility to influence their country like men. And yet they were getting married and no one spoke to them in their choice, not even their family.


Fourth point

They could have had a sexual relationship before marriage

At this point, there is no difference between today’s Europe and ancient Egypt.

Fifth point

The marriage was based on fidelity, and fleeting love had to be experienced before the marriage.

Many people in Europe still hold this view today. that it is better to so-called rebel and then calm down and settle down. It is true that a young person has a hot head and does stupid things, but personally, I do not think that every person needs it. I would say this advice should be better for men than women.


Sixth point 

Contracts on temporary marriage, ie. marriage on trial

I haven’t heard of this kind of contract these days but I think it’s perfect. It’s a great system that you can try your marriage and if you find that you don’t fit together, you can simply leave. this is what we need today.


Seventh point

The divorced woman had the right to maintenance, she could refer and inherit.

That seems really nice to a woman when you realize what sacrifice a woman brings for every marriage. It’s very fair.


Eighth point

She could run a business, be a financial expert, owner, and manager of farms.

What’s more, she could have her property, career and be educated. skillful and hardworking women certainly thrived in Egypt.


Ninth point

She could pursue the secrets revealed in the temples

Egyptians put their Gods at the first place in life and it is known that right in the temples was held secret rituals, and was the source of all information. It is really admirable that even women had this approach.


Tenth point


The best law of all! I wish we could have a woman president in Egypt very soon.


So if you’ve ever thought about the lives of women in ancient Egypt. Whether they were oppressed or not, here’s a clear answer. I think that for the freedom of women, ancient Egypt was a paradise on earth. She was not subject to any man’s authority, she could build a career, travel freely, and do whatever she wanted. Perhaps the men were at a disadvantage at this time. But time has certainly turned and now the men in Egypt are compensating it.


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