Sea was really cold, so I better went to a cafe…Welcome back in Egypt


Way to my Lovely Egypt!


Could you believe it`s already 2 years I have left Egypt? Well Alhamdulillah I have for you a great news that I am back in Egypt!

I am already like 14 days in Egypt and today I want to share with you my own experience how it was to be back here in this country.

First days felt really like I am in a dream or a huge, never ending party.  All family is welcoming you, they kiss you, hugs you, miss you, prepare the best food for you. Everybody is inviting you on a beautiful lunch and you have to accept every invitation. Took us around 7 days to wake up from this beautiful party.


I ate such amount of food every single day 😀 

After those amazing days, I started to built back my own life here. How? Well, the primary thing for me was to make my own flat. Thanks God we already own a flat in Egypt from before. So we were just reconstructing it and bringing a new furniture and even those stuffs to make in another 10 days was really very hard on me but the Job is done and right now I am sitting in my beautiful home and I am able to write the story for you.

But Egypt even surprised me in the shape of money. I have to say the things which we bought for my home rapidly raised up. Thing which could cost 5 LE two years ago, now can cost 100 LE !!! What a nightmare! For me as a new comer from Europe was fine, I could afford it but I really am thinking about the Egyptian people. They have to suffer from this so much. Oppositely I saw the food came back to its shape. Became cheaper again. Tomatoes for 3 LE. Cucumber 2 LE., Orange 4 Le., those vegetables and fruits are really pretty cheap as it was 6 years ago. Thanks God. 

Speaking about prices reminds me I went to the public Egyptian market. Well I was there many time ago but I never shopped for a need. But this time I took my mother in law and went with her shopping a normal food as I am Egyptian. I wanted to take a lot of photos for you but I really was not able. So crowded, women are pushing to each other to get what they want for the best price. But I really loved this experience. And thanks my mother in law I made a some friendship with a sellers so next time I am going to take a shot for you with them.

Now let`s speak about a weather in Egypt. You know, its still so hot in Egypt. We are in half of November which should be already cold around 10 degree but no its still around 30! But unfortunately its a really windy so I am not able to go to the sea. Even I was there once with my family when I had a little bit of time but the sea was really cold and did not seem really calm. I better stayed just in the sand putting just my legs to the water. Then I went to the cafe on the sea. This time I chose really different cafe called Waves, I am going to describe my own experience there a next article. It was really so different from My favorite one Taverna. And its actually very strange because its very near to each other, on the same sea but different cafe is equal to different life experience.


At the end I went to Cafe ! 

Last thing which I want to share with you in this Welcoming post is I am going to convert all my blog post to videos. All future videos will be recorded on Youtube and be posted here on my website. So its something better for you, and every video will be connected with each post. Its going to be totally a new experience as for me so for you. But we are going to built better relation together. On this point I really look forward so much.

Also as you could notice my blog post is being translated to Spanish language and soon will be also to polish and Arabic.


Could you believe I had an interview in Egyptian Newspapers??? Its something to be really proud of! 

At the end I want to thank you so much for buying my book. I received a lot of thanks email from a women so it really made my Days! Because I did not wait so huge interest and it really took my heart. So thank you so much again because your trust to me means everything to me.  I will try so hard to do not disappoint you.


Thank you for being with me on this life journey

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