Egypt is a really true country of thousands of bread

I never met a person who would NOT like an Egyptian bread. But the thing which you certainly did not know is the fact that in Egypt we have 1000 kinds of bread. Really it is true! And that´s why we call Egypt by its nickname “Country of thousands of bread.”

.How many kinds Have I personally tried? Well, very hard question but I guess around 20 different kinds of bread. That´s very little, right?! I promise I will try my best to increase the score.

However, what better bread you have so it’s more delicious and also more expensive. The most expensive bread I have ever seen cost 3 LE in the public streets. That´s really expensive just for one bread. So Egyptian people mostly buy the cheapest one and they are very satisfied. In Egypt, the Cheapest bread cost 0,5 LE. In the past, it cost only 0,25 LE. even 0,10 LE.

But pay attention, if you want such a cheap bread to get so you have to wake up very early in the morning. Bakers start to sell this cheap bread at 7 mornings and you must wait on your turn in a really long queue. So when you miss your chance you cannot find this bread during the daytime. On the other hand the Expensive bread you can find any time you wish and desire.

What are the differences between the bread? Can be flour, spices or shape and the size.

In the country which I was born, the people say that Bread is God´s gift. I guess the Egyptian country it fits much more. Egypt is a really true country of thousands of bread and I wish if you could taste all the kinds. You know what, who of us tried more kinds of Egyptian bread???

Today I present you the basic Egyptian bread. I am sure you will succeed in it. But remember to make a perfect Egyptian bread take patience and time.


1 Kg of purpose flour

1/2 liter of water

100 ml of milk

40 g of fresh yeast

2 teaspoon of salt

2 tablespoon of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon of sugar

+ extra oil


♥ At the beginning we prepare the leaven:

♥ Take warm milk, yeast, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Mix all together in a tall cup, cover it and let it rest cca 10 minutes. When the leaven starts growing up so it’s ready.

♥ Meanwhile, take a bowl and put inside a flour, water, salt, olive oil, and ready leaven.

♥ Make a smooth dough that does not stick and you can easily work with it.

♥ Spread an olive oil around all the dough. Cover the dough, and put to a dark and warm place. Let it one hour rest and rise.

♥ Then make 16 balls from the risen dough. Again cover it and let rest for 10 minutes.

♥ Each ball roll to 0,5 cm big slice.

Each ball roll to 0,5 cm big slice

♥ Put the slice on sheet metal and baked it cca 3 minutes – at the top of the oven, at maximum temperature.

♥ Continue like this with all 16 pieces until you bake all.

♥ You will know the bread is ready when will be light brown from the top but still easy on touch.

♥ When you take it out of the oven, give it immediately to an air-free bag. Once it cool you can take it out and eat it.

However, the bread should be still covered and will keep with you one week. If you want to keep it a long time, so put it in the freezer. Anytime you will have a desire for bread just make it hot in an oven or on a pot and you can eat it. It’s the same delicious.

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