Al Nasrya – go there for a holiday to refresh yourself! You will feel amazing



Today, I have visited my husband´s distant aunt in a place called Al Nasrya. This place is far away from Alexandria. The last time I visited this place was almost 1 year ago. But since the first time I saw this place, I hardly fell in love with it. We can say that this place is similar to a village but “village” in Egypt has really felt like you reback 300 years in history. You feel so relaxed and refreshed and far away from modern technique. It is really balm on a heart.

Even of course people there nowadays have internet and Tv etc. but the people know each other very well and what I love the most is they still work by hand mostly without modern instrument, and does not matter which kind of job it is – it can be seller, baker, mechanic or fieldwork and whatever you can imagine. And imagine what – the people are no overload by the work. Okay, even some people work 6,8 hours or 12 but they still have time for the family and on good food or to hang out with friends. Simply easy enjoyable life. 

 I remember when  I was a kid my grandad was a seller in newspaper stand and the feeling was actually the same. Even in the work he spoke with a lot of people, he had time to smoke his cigarette or drank coffee or if he wanted to settle anything in his life he could always deal with the manager, etc. He worked 8 hours every day and I am sure that he did not have a lot of money from this job but he never came back home destroyed from the work, his mind and body were always fresh. Simply this is something what I personally call a good life. And this “something” I still find in Egypt. Because in Europe I do not know anyone like this anymore. All people are an overload of work and focusing only on money. And they forget to live. 

Anyway, of course, there are some disadvantages to our village. Most of the people are not so well educated, so the behavior of some people is not so good and boys mostly smoke or drink alcohol, and even they do not know a lot about their religion. But again in a European village hundreds of years ago the people were not educated too, they focused mainly on handwork and food. 

So actually I would not be able to live there but to go there for one day or 1 week even 1 month as a holiday to refresh yourself it is really something amazing.


Well, we went there actually at 3 afternoons by car. At the start I was sad we go so late but at the end, I have to say Thank  God because the sun was extremely burning so if we go sooner we will not be able to handle the way. Next thing what I really hated and what changed from the last year was the government destroyed the historical gate to Alexandria and from a dirt road, the government built high way. It is something what I really feel pity for because it totally lost the feeling of old Egypt. But of course, on another side, the way is much faster. We reached the aunt homeless than in 1 hour.

When we reached the aunt home but we were still on the street the people looked at us as we are a tourist from another country – this was really funny. Anyway, they welcomed us very warmly with huge feeling and they prepared a lot of drinks for us -Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, etc. We were chatting a lot and we were sitting on the balcony to enjoy the view of the countryside then we found prepared food for us. You will not believe but we were 5  people and they prepared for us 2 whole ducks and 2 chickens for us with enormously amount of rice and soup and salads and vegetable in tomatoes sausage. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of this food because it really worth but I will try next time. The Egyptian is really famous about this – food and conviviality and especially in the villages or countrysides. 

After we finished the food we had tea and again we were speaking together with a memorized some family events. And then we left around 8 pm because this time we were in a rush. But I wished to stay really longer.

In the end, I made a few photos of this place even the quality is not so good but this time I did not have another camera with me except my mobile.




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