Is Ramses`s curse coming?


Ramses II the most famous pharaoh in Egyptian history built one of the biggest temple -Abu Simbel in Luxor. 

Abu simbel is famous that for most of the year, the inner sanctum of the main temple at Abu Simbel is shrouded in darkness.

Only 2 days in all the year we can see the sun shining for 20 minutes on the king Ramses and the gods in the temple’s inner sanctum.

On February 21 – day celebrating King`s birthday and 21 October day celebrating his coronation.

Why the days changed?


In year 1959 was built Aswan high dam and because of this floods of Nile enormously raised and destroyed a lot of important archeological sites. For this reason Members of the United Nations Education, Science, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) orchestrated a massive construction project that moved and saved Abu Simbel. So in year 1960s Abu simbel was moved about 690 feet back from its present site.

The only bad result of the move is that the days of illumination have shifted by one day. So nowadays the sun appears on February 22 and October 22.


Why the sun did not appear?


February 22,2016 

As every year thousands of tourist, artist and even ministers were waiting in front of Abu simbel and desired to see the sun on Ramses face.

But the big disappointment came – For the first time in all history NO SUN APPEARED.

The general director of Abu Simbel Antiquities Department, Hossam Abboud, said the phenomenon was obscured by fog, although every effort was made to ensure it was visible.

Moreover archeologists are afraid that this can be pharaoh curse. What do you think? Is it really bad sign for Egypt? Will Egypt be in bad times again?

I am sure a lot of people will laugh on Pharaoh curse but Pharaohs were perfect magicians. And even nowadays we have a lot of provement for Pharaoh curse. I think the most famous case about pharaoh curse is with Howard Carter and his workers. And its also written that the Pharaoh magic is the same strong nowadays as a thousands years ago. 

So let`s wait with me what the future will bring…

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