Are you going to bake a Kahk? The best is from Egypt!

“Do you have Ramadan sweets? I have asked with the hope in my heart.

“Yes, it belongs to Eid. It calls Kahk and we have several kinds. You can choose the one which you like the most.”

That´s awesome! This response made me really so happy. Also it reminds me Christmas time in its own direction..

“And can you give me the recipe please? “ I was begging my mother-in-law again.

“Unfortunately no. We do not bake the kahk anymore. But do you want to know who baked it?  My mum baked kahk every year for all the family…”

Now the true disappointment came because I knew the grandma is not between us anymore. Quickly I have changed my question…

“And who bake for all the family now?”

“No one. We buy the kahk every year.” 

That´s really shocked me. In Egypt where all the people love to have everything home-made, they buy the sweets? I could not believe that at all !

“Isn´t it pity? It cannot be so hard at the end.” 

“Maybe it is not hard but we do not have the recipe…We do not know how to bake the kahk.”

So this was the biggest joke! Egyptians does not know how to bake their traditional sweets.

I also have asked all my sister’s husband and some of my friends but the answer always was the same.

“We do not know how to bake it, we will buy it.” 

I was really sad from it. Even just for the money reason. In Egypt when you buy the kahk it is not cheap at all. It can cost 100 LE. but can be also 1000 LE.

Second day I went to my work. I forbidden myself to think about the case of kahk. Simply the recipe is not exists so there is nothing I can do about it. But the destiny wanted something else…

“Are you ready on Eid? Are you going to bake a kahk? Was the first words of my best friend after I arrived to work.

“What? Are you kidding me? The last 2 days I didn´t do anything else, just was searching for the recipe. But no one have it.” 

My friend looked at me like I got totally crazy. “Every family bake a kahk on Ramadan.

“No, that´s not true” I tried to defend myself. “I asked all people who I know but no one bake it and they even did not know the recipe.”

“Strange..did you ask me? We bake every year and it is very easy and totally delicious. Tomorrow I will bring you the recipe. Which kind you want?”

“I do not know any…bring any easy recipe but very sweet.”

“Great, i will bring you with a dates. Then you will tell me if you baked it good way.”

“Of course, I will bring you even to taste it. You know, that I am the true Egyptian.

We both really laugh to this my final answer.

It was not the first time I felt like totally fool in Egypt. Thats happening quit often..whereas every family does something else even the traditions are identical.

But my best friend was right. Her recipe was the best and I succeeded in baking it on the first time.

What about you? Did you ever tasted the kahk ma agwa?


What you will need

3 cups of flour.

1/8 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 tablespoon of sugar

1/4 cup of water

1 yeast ( fresh or dry..depends on your preferences. I use fresh one.)

250 g butter

+500 g  date paste


Mix and bake it

•Mix all the bulk ingredients together in one bowl. Then add butter in room temperature.

•Add the yeast. If you use fresh one,  let it run up in little bit hot milk then add it to the dough. If you use dry one so just put it to the ingredients.

•Add water. Mix all well again till the mixture is smooth and stuck together.

•Let it rest for one hour in dry and dark place. After one hour make a 40 same balls from the dough.

kThen take one ball, squash it little bit by your hand.

Put 1 spoon of date paste and make a ball from it again.

Take a fork and squash the final ball again by it.

Repeat it until all is finished.


•Put 20 balls on sheet metal (you will bake it twice because it is too much) and let it again rest for 30 minutes.

•Then bake it – 180 °C -25 minutes.

•Take it out, late it cool and sprinkle on it a sugar powder.

•Keep it in air free box.

Tip: Keep in mind it´s really a lot of cookies. The best is always to share with a family or friends and keep the love alive. 

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