Biggest Tomb in Egyptian history Ever !

This year actually is really a BIG YEAR for archaeologists in Egypt. Almost every week we have a new discovery ! Some are small and some big but discovery what I am going to write about it Today is really Something ! Because archaeologists themselves called it as The Biggest Tomb in Egyptian history what they had ever found till now. Let´s have a look at it… The Minister of Egyptian archaeology and his team from Cairo university discovered a tomb from the Middle dynasty in the entrance of the historical side called Tuna Mountain in a city called Al-Minya in the South of Egypt. They found a group of 18 mummies and a lot of stone coffins.  Egyptian archaeologists made a conference which attended a archaeological groups from Germany, Serbia, Hungary and Belgium. They agreed its a biggest Tomb in Egyptian history which was found till now. Archaeologists just wonder there was no gold, silver, treasures or another ancient things. Its really something very unexpected for a such big tomb but they say the things was probably stolen not from a random people but from the country itself. It is something very strange and it of course involve another questions..hopefully they will find right answers very soon. Well, there is not too much say about it because its really a fresh news from Yesterday Night actually so we still have to wait on the details. If they discover something more about it surely I will inform you.. For now you can watch a few photos from the discovery – right from the tomb inside.
‘And I also  recommend you to  watch a very interesting video about how they discovered it.
Thank you for reading and Stay in Touch. Image may contain: night, snow and outdoor No automatic alt text available. Books I wrote, you can read here:
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4 thoughts

  1. This is an amazing post! Thank you for your sharing.
    We are discovering more and more things these days, which is part of ‘the times’ we are in. So very exciting time to be alive on Earth.

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    • you very very welcome…yea its very interesting time but also I always ask myself why we discover more and more so quickly these days? I think it will have some big reason, don`t you think?

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      • Yes, a very big reason, indeed. We are ‘waking up’! Our ‘new world’ is being unveiled as we begin to ‘open our minds and especially our hearts’. These are very exciting times to be alive!

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