Every Baby has Right to LIVE


Once upon a time, there were a beautiful women from the Egyptian countryside who just get married. Like every girl, she was dreaming of a big love story and she imagined her marriage happily with full of children and forever. But unfortunately, her wishes were not heard and life after turned to a hell…


Of course, she became pregnant immediately after she got married as every woman in Egypt. And she was imagining she will have a boy. In the countryside, if the woman does not bring a boy but a girl so she is actually no one, unwanted or its simply a shame. So her first disappointment was when she knew she is expecting a GIRL. She was sad but by the time she passed it and decided that in future she will do her best and will try and try till she will get the boy. Because if she did not bring a boy so her husband would marry another woman.

But no one expected what the future brought .. in the day of her giving birth as every woman was in horrible pain and she gave the baby at home.. but her husband refused to call any doctor or anyone to help her. Her pain increased to the way it was not normal and she really needed a doctor. The husband did not bring him because he did not want to pay money. So after the child was born for big luck safely – she died.

The father refused to care about the baby as in Egypt the men are not able to do so and its also kind of shame so he asked for help to the rest of the family but surprisingly no one wanted to help. All refused. Then the father stated he does not want the baby so he wanted to bury the child ALIVE with her dead mother. With a passion for a new marriage with a new woman who will bring him, new children.

Alhamdulillah for big luck this did not happen. But The baby was hungry, unwashed and naked for 3 days but survived and stayed alive. 

Then some of the relatives from the father`s family had friends in Alexandria and told this story to them and so happened that one old lady who is around 60 years old felt sorry for the baby and took her to her own home and cared about her. But she was old and its kind of hard to care about a little baby in such age so she spread this story to her friends and big miracle happened.

At the end they found a new mother for the baby. This “new mother” is very rich woman from Alexandria who is unable to have own kids.

” I guess God saved the baby by his mercy and made a new and better future for her.” 


Well this story has big happy end but today I admit by myself that Egyptian people from countryside are really cruel and not good people at all. I heard more bad stories in previous days and months and I am actually not sure if I should published them or not.

Anyway I try to convince myself that the people from countryside are good but I cannot lie even to myself anymore. People of Egyptian countryside have really habits from pharaohs time – and I really mean it.

These cruel habits and characters stayed from pharaohs time till now unchanged.

Since I was a kid I really appreciated and loved Egyptian history and pharaohs more then anything else in this world. And even in our Islamic holy book Quran is written the pharaohs was the cruelest humankind in the earth,  I never could imagine it..but now I agree, its true. And I really started to hate pharaohs and anything connected with them. 

I just do not want my words to be misunderstood. This my long and bad talking was really only about the people from EGYPTIAN COUNTRYSIDE. BUT the people from Alexandria, Cairo and other big cities and touristic resorts its totally another life. People are kind, generous and good one, not ignorant as the people from countryside are. As you see I live in Egypt around 2 years permanent now and nothing bad ever happened to me. And I know another Europeans and Americans lives here and has perfect life so do not be afraid to visit Egypt or to live here. I am still on my base its beautiful country.

But in my opinion, even the bad side of Egypt should not be hidden.

As a tourist, you will never hear such stories. These habits and traditions and does not matter if it’s good or bad are simply hidden.

Egyptian people do not open themselves so easy to unknown people. So I actually publish this bad story just for the purpose of learning another culture which stays and will stay for the other countries and people hidden forever.

Books I wrote, you can read here:

  1. Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man
  2. Dining Like a Pharaoh

2 thoughts

  1. I lived in the countryside in Egypt for more than a year not all are cruel . Some are really kind and generous way more than cities and the different is that the education
    Have u been to any countryside ?
    Have they treated u bad ?
    You have the answer

    Liked by 1 person

    • i agree they are generous to the guest of course but i speak about how they treat themselves..actually yes i have been in countryside personally..and the people are very ignorant in my point. but this story and another cruelty happened to a very close people to me. and i told it was more then one time. ok maybe not all are bad but sorry no one of educated people can accept their traditions.. Depends did you accepted and lived by they traditions? ? ?


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