“Your husband is marrying another wife. Hurry up!,,

photo of couple holding hands while running away from people

Maya was just a just married lady. And although she and her husband loved each other deeply, they did not have much money, so they lived a very simple life. They lived in a small studio and the husband’s salary were enough for them to buy food and pay for the most necessary things.

After half a year, when they did not save even a pound, Maya was angry that she no longer wants to live a poor life. She got a great idea to open her own business with clothes for Ladies. Her husband agreed with her idea, saying they have nothing to lose. So they borrowed money for this business, and Maya immediately set to work. Very soon her business started to be successful. when her husband saw how good she is ..he decided to leave his job and work with his wife. Success came very soon. They had a beautiful income, they bought a house, a car and everything they practically wanted. They were not poor anymore.

Maya became pregnant and could no longer work as before, so she rewrote her business to her husband. In the end, they had 3 children together and they lived beautifully and were happy together.

Except that her husband became jealous that it was his wife who had accomplished something and that he had failed as a man. It was humiliating for him, but he never said anything to his wife. He suffocated it inside of him.

A few months later Maya’s sister had a wedding in alexandria, so Maya announced to her husband that she would like to take the children to Alexandria earlier to enjoy the holidays. The husband willingly agreed. ,, Yes, go, it is beautiful weather in Alexandria now and at least you will enjoy it.,, So Maya left Cairo with her children for a holiday in Alexandria. And on her sister’s wedding day, her cell phone rang. A hidden number turned out, so it scared Maya and, of course, she quickly picked it up.

“I’m your friend and I want to help you.”

Maya gasped and just said, “so talk,”

,,In Your house is a wedding now.

,,Yalahwiiii Maya began to shout hysterically in front of all the people. She was wearing home clothes, she forgot about her children, but she didn’t care. She ran out to the nearest bus to Cairo, looking neither to the right nor to the left.

But unfortunately, she arrived at her house too late. It was after the wedding and she saw her husband in the bedroom with an 18-year-old girl. They were no longer their second wife. She started breaking everything around her and shouting that she wants a divorce immediately!

Her husband just said: ,,do you want a divorce? I agree well, but first, sit down and think about the fact that we have 3 children and what they need. If we divorce, you will go back to your father house with the children without a single pound. Nothing belongs to you here, everything is written on me.,,

Maya stared as scalded, ,, I don’t want children, take them. They are your children and at least I will have the opportunity to remarry.,,

,, No no, if you don’t want kids, neither do I. give them to Orphans home or leave them on the street. as you can see I have a new wife and I can have as many children as I want.,,

Maya couldn’t believe what she hears, and in the end, she sat down and thought about what to do. What should she do now?

And an even worse finding for her was that the new wife would live with them in a villa on the lower floor, where she already had her luxury furnished apartment. Maya crept into her apartment and destroyed, smashed, damaged all the equipment … but that was all she did.

In the end, she did not divorce so as not to deprive her children of a comfortable life and a good future.

So she remained in the position of The second wife


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