Elena wanted to meet him for the last time and this time to enjoy every second

I was writing with her all evening and we understood each other a lot. and agreed on the relationship between men and women in Europe and how different it is in Egypt. Just late in the evening she just told me her own story that she fell in love with an Egyptian man also. However, her story is very different from the book I wrote and therefore I want to share her story with you today.

Imagine a beautiful woman with blond hair from Spain called Elena. She did not come to Egypt to find a partner, but went to Egypt only to fulfill her Mama’s dream. She had no emotional relationship with Egypt and she went there really like a tourist with her mother just to see the sights and enjoy Egypt.

But her fate really wanted something else. Fate really can turn people’s lives in a way we can’t even imagine until it happens to us.

And so she eventually met the Egyptian man from Aswan called Abdula, whom she fell in love with, but this time the love was really two-sided. And even though they spent most of the time together and understood each other greatly, nothing more serious had ever happened. They barely kissed each other, they never practically touched each other, and yet they loved each other so deeply.

Everything looked really great, Abdula treated her really with respect and did not promise her things he could not fulfill. He did not lie on her and did not steal her money. But Still,there was something wrong…

After time, our beautiful Elena knew that her Abdula was already married. He finally confessed to it, and even that he has children. Abdula also said that his marriages had been arranged, that he had never loved his wife, and that from now on he understood what true love was.

So Abdula made her offer to become his second wife. Of course, that totally took her breath away. Elena hadn’t expected anything of it, nor had she meant to accept his offer. but they stayed in touch and wrote for months, even though she was back in her country. They couldn’t break free from each other.

So Elena stayed in a vicious circle, knowing that The love itself is impossible, or leads nowhere. Abdula does not want to divorce and neither did she want to deprive his children from dad and on the other hand she did not want to be his second wife and change her whole life just because of one guy. Elena really didn’t know what to do.

So she took a time for herself and only time itself showed how everything turned out …

Eventually, after long months, Elena decided to break this relationship. That it really hurts her so much that she can not and does not want to continue in it. But decided to end this relationship, Elena wanted to meet him for the last time and this time to enjoy every second!

And so Elena really traveled to her chosen one and, surprisingly, his own family hosted her in Aswan. She lived with them, they took care of her, and she spent her time practically only with his family.

But the very first day she arrived, Abdula treated her in a distant way. Of course she felt something was wrong. That night he told her he wants to end with her. Elena really couldn’t believe his word and how he could say it, and if he wanted to end it, why did he invite her to his family ?! Later Elena found out his wife suspicious him of infidelity.

Abdula was in very bad condition because he practically did not cheat on his wife and now he even felt bad in his conscience and because of his religion. He had a lot of chaos in himself, so he asked Elena to meet his wife and tell her personally that nothing happened between them.

You can imagine how hard it must have been for her, but still Elena accepted it and met his wife. They had all together a lunch and Elena confirmed her that nothing happened between them. Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for her? How much she suffered to say those words? And even his wife is not stupid and she felt its just words and when she saw them together, all was clear for her. That evening his wife asked Abdula for divorce.

For the Egyptians, the family is really on the first place and, of course, Abdula decided to fight for his wife and mainly for his children. And everything finally settled with his wife but he left Elena immediately with words,, he does not want her to contact him anymore and even he will never contact her again. He left three days before her holidays ended. Yet she spent the remaining 3 days with his family. it was probably the worst and saddest days of Elena`s life, but everything was over and she could return home with a calm conscience and the beginning of a new life.

On the other hand, I have to say that this Abdula was really nice, kind and really fell in love with her and still managed to resist the temptation and eventually end everything. To end this relationship really requires a lot of courage, because most of the Egyptian would continue lying on both sides but he honestly ended it. which he has my great admiration. But I am so happy for Elena that she can finally start a new life and she will not get trapped in this unlucky love forever.


Thank you for reading

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