I could not sleep, I was just worried about my baby


18.12.2016 – today is the long-awaited big day. The day my daughter was born.

How did it all happen? Very strange and also funny and mostly unprepared.

Since I live in Egypt I understand here it is a trend to deliver babies by cesarean to avoid pain. Honestly I did not want this, so very long time I was searching with my husband for a doctor who is capable of delivering a baby normal way.

Luckily we found one doctor who agreed. He is very old and he was studying in England years ago but right now he is back in Egypt because he missed his country.

I can’t say anything bad about him, he’s a fine doctor, and he’s been with me during all my pregnancy and he’s been giving me advice like in Europe.

I could call him even at midnight. In fact, thanks to him I became pregnant in the first place. May God bless him.

So all the time we were planning to deliver my baby the normal way. I didn’t have any complications at all. Everything went kind of well and in 9 month I started to have normal contractions. However when I finished 9 month, all contractions stopped suddenly and it never came back.

And at the last appointment with the doctor, he told me and showed me on the ultrasound that my daughter had lost half a kilo and I seem to have some problem with the umbilical cord…and that it could be dangerous. He gave me 5 more days and if by then I will not deliver my daughter the normal way, he will have to do the cesarean.

At that moment I was really nervous, and didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t get any sleep, and I was worried about my baby. I started looking for another doctor and another hospital, and of course I tried to get some exercise and drink cinnamon and coffee, which could help to deliver my baby but I could not sleep.

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Well, the day before the birth my husband found a cheap maternity hospital and a fancy one.

He told me that tomorrow another doctor will check on me.

Okay it was supposed to be just a random check but I decided inside of me that If he tells me the same information as my doctor, so I will go immediately for cesarean.

At night I was really crying, I could not imagine the birth at all and I had such an image I would probably die. I do not know why but I had those black thoughts. So I actually prepared everything in case I die so everything is clear.

The second day in the hospital new doctor when he checked on me, he was actually shocked how huge contraction I have. When I told him I do not feel anything, he did not believe me. He said it is impossible but when he saw it with his own eyes I did not feel any pain so he told me I must go for cesarean right away.

I was already in danger about my own life and the baby’s life as well.

I listened to him and 1 hour later my daughter was successfully born.

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