Don´t fall in love with Egyptian man


Hello Everyone,
when I first wrote an article,, Egyptian men grow up as a Men! Not as boys but as real MEN!!!,,( ) which is speaking about how the women should take care and how they can recognize good Egyptian man from the bad one. I did not know how big a boom it will be. I have got 1000 views per hour and the people just get crazy about it.

Many people have asked me to write more information about Egyptian men and how to treat with them. Because nowadays it became a world problem. And many foreign embassies are warning women against the Egyptian men.

So,I have decided to write all the useful information to one single book. I do not say all Egyptian men are bad. There are so many good men of course. And I m going to help you to learn about their culture, habits, and mentality. You will be able to recognize by your own who is good with you and who is messing up. You will enjoy your time in Egypt much more and no one will ever trick you or cheat you.

Ladies, I DEMAND you to share it as much as possible. Because this E-book can help and save many women` s life.

Really hope you will enjoy this ebook




Don’t fall in love with Egyptian man Ebook


Get Hard copy here:

16 thoughts

  1. Hi
    I ordered the e book early this morning but didn’t receive it. Did you get my payment? At least I’ve got the receipt to my email


  2. I am a bit surprised of how your own story was a great positive experience, mainly because the book’s title sets a very bad expectation.
    Why did you pick up that title instead of something like “How to love in Egypt” for example.
    Is the “shok” intentional? 😀


  3. I have read and enjoy this book very much. I can certainly recommend it as something to take with you to your next holiday destination ; a very light and yet informative read.


  4. I received your book yesterday and finished reading today. So much important information, I could not stop reading. Your book is worth gold and I think every woman should read and internalize it. I would be glad if you write another book. Many many thanks

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  5. My dear, i just ordered the book from this website.
    I would love to get in touch with you since i couldn’t provide more infos related to the shipping adress in the procedure.
    How can i manage to talk to you?!
    Thanks a lot dear!

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  6. I really liked this book. Showed a new perspective of what foreign women experience when they are in Egypt. But it’s also relatable to Egyptian women.

    The author draws from her own experience and experience of those around her who have experienced love of an Egyptian man. Highly recommend people read this book, very informational and a fun read!

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    • well, you would be surprised I know about 10 Egyptian who read cross the women 😀 but they never told their opinion. Thank you anyway, I will keep writing as much as I can. I believe it’s going to be more wild 😀 😀 😀

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