Egypt tě Miluje – Ebook

Egypt byl můj celoživotní sen od mých pěti let.

Když jsem sem ve 20 letech poprvé přijela, opravdu jsem netušila, jaké dobrodružství mě čeká a jak se můj život dramaticky změní. To, co jsem zažila v Egyptě za jediný měsíc, jsem možná nezažila za celý svůj život.

Musela jsem se potýkat se spoustou potíží: společenských, kulturních, jazykových i osobních.

Egypt je opravdu jedinečná země, jako žádná jiná, a tak jsem se musela všechno učit od začátku.

Ke všemu se můj příběh odehrál v roce 2013 v Alexandrii, kdy v Egyptě probíhaly pravděpodobně nejhorší demonstrace v novodobé historii. Jen dva roky po egyptské revoluci v roce 2011.

Připojte se tedy ke mně během mých osobních dobrodružství v egyptské kultuře.

Impulzivním rozhodováním, plným spontánnosti a ocitávání se ve zvláštních situacích, jsem se propletla krásou a chaosem, které v Egyptě žijí a které Egypt nabízí. Zde jsem se našla…

Egypt tě Miluje – Ebook

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Tell el-Fara’in – the ancient capital of lower Egypt

Legend says: After the death of Osiris, his wife Isis did not despair of the Egyptian throne but quickly ran to hide her son Horus from the malice of Osiris’ brother Seth, who longed to be king. She took her child, and ran with him up the hill away from his uncle, and hid him in the bushes so that no one would find him, while she herself went to find her murdered husband. Horus then hid and grew up in this place called Buto, raised by Wadjet, until his adulthood. And after that he took revenge on Seth.

This place where Horus grew up has not only confused Seth but also the archaeologists. Unknown place “Buto” which they saw on the archaeological finds and on the walls of the tombs and temples but where is it?

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King Scorpio II.

We all know the Scorpion King from the film “The Mummy Returns” or “Scorpion King” but few know that the Scorpion King was a truly historical person who existed, however not as stated in the aforementioned Film.

Before I begin with the story itself, there is one big problem. There were two Scorpion Kings who followed after each other – King Scorpio I and King Scorpio II. We really know very little about their lives, and for a long time their existence was denied by Egyptologists. To this day, we are not sure which of them this story really belongs to.

Personally, I believe this story belongs to the second Scorpion King. Why? You’ll find out in the story itself.

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Is it easy to fall in love with Egyptian man?

Personally, if I hear this question, my immediate answer will be a resounding yes! From my perspective, nothing is easier than falling in love with an Egyptian.

Why is it so?

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Egypt Loves You – Ebook

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Egypt Loves You – Ebook

Join me on the course of my personal adventures through Egyptian culture and self discovery.


Going to Egypt was always a lifelong dream of mine ever since I was five years old. When I arrived there for the first time during my twenties I really had no idea what kind of adventure awaited me and how my life would fundamentally change. What I experienced in Egypt over the course of one single month, I may not have experienced in my whole life elsewhere.

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I went to an amazing place today and I can’t believe it. We were at the American cafe “Friends” where they had everything but absolutely everything like in the show and it was just beautiful. So I was there with my husband and my daughter, and because my leg is twisted and I can’t walk on it properly, we took a taxi there.I couldn’t wait any longer, and I had to go there today, because it was now or never. I’ve been talking about it for a long time, that I want to go there, but it never worked out because of the weather. The weather in Alexandria at the moment is very bad, unpredictable and mainly it rains all the time.

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He forced her to sell her house, with promise, they will have a wonderful life in Egypt

One day an elderly Egyptian man, who had been working as a taxi driver in Europe already for some time, meets a beautiful foreigner. She gets into a taxi with him, and it was love at first sight. They were the same age, and they perfectly understood each other. The taxi driver immediately asked her out, and she agreed. They had a wonderful and romantic time together. He treated her just like a princess.

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Egyptian Birthday – Asiya, 5 years

How was it?

Well, at first it was so strange, because firstly my husband and I argued about the fact that I wanted to invite some of my Egyptian friends to the party. However my husband was against it, because he told me not to mix it. We are supposed to have only a purely family party and we can invite our friends another time. So I didn’t invite anyone, but after that he eventually invited our mutual friends, but he didn’t tell me about it at all. He didn’t tell me until the morning, when we were getting ready for the party. Honestly I was very angry.

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Let me Help you …

If you are in love with Egyptian man, but you are not sure that he is the right one or you have after reading my blog or seeing my videos great doubts or you noticed some similarities, then contact me.

I have been living in Egypt for over 10 years and in that time I have helped countless women and I dare say that I can help you too!

Egypt is really a specific country with its own rules, even in the behavior of men or the duty of women. For us foreigners this can be really confusing and our mentality is really different from Egyptian one. I will help you clarify all your ambiguities and try to solve your problem.

There’s nothing easier than booking a meeting with me.

How does it work?

After purchasing our meeting, I will contact you back directly to your email and we will deal on date and time and I will send you a link to the Zoom on which our call will take place. Also I will ask you to describe me your issue in details before our call .

Call take 60 minutes but my priority is that you will solve your problem and everything will be clear to you.

If you wish to make a call on another platform, this is of course possible by mutual agreement.

I look forward to you.

The Niqab Girl

Meeting with The Niqab Girl

Do you have problem with your Egyptian man? Let me help you. I am here for you.