Ads has taste of Pharaoh´s History

Suddenly, I felt THE beautiful smell coming out right from the door. “THIS IS IT !” I thought to myself…the only real place where I can get warm is the “heart of all home” THE KITCHEN !

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I saw it ! Sweetness which is so delicious…Yes, It was famous Baklava!

And suddenly it’s here! Real and genuine bakery! But it is not like in Europe, that you come to the store and all the products are behind the glass, you must not breathe on them and you have to ask the seller to give you what you want. Continue reading

Livers and Potatoes

I have been describing a lot of stuffs about Egypt during these 2 months but I suddenly realized that I forget really one important part of Egyptian culture.

Guess what ! Of course FOOD !!!

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Beshamel with Macaroni

This is one of my TOP Egyptian dishes. Everyone can make macaroni but This is really very special and delicious taste. I highly recommend you to try it as soon as possible. 

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