Elena wanted to meet him for the last time and this time to enjoy every second

I was writing with her all evening and we understood each other a lot. and agreed on the relationship between men and women in Europe and how different it is in Egypt. Just late in the evening she just told me her own story that she fell in love with an Egyptian man also. However, her story is very different from the book I wrote and therefore I want to share her story with you today. Continue reading

On the wedding day she prepared a big revenge

three women taking a photo in front of white mosque

In his life, Sayed has accumulated great possessions, bought a villa, had a great job, a high position, great relationships with people so nothing could eventually stop him to fulfil his dream about a big family.  Continue reading

Ads has taste of Pharaoh´s History


Suddenly, I felt THE beautiful smell coming out right from the door. “THIS IS IT !” I thought to myself…the only real place where I can get warm is the “heart of all home” THE KITCHEN ! Continue reading

She thought there was a hidden treasure but she found a baby…


I was doing live streaming with my friend yesterday and she asked me a question I didn’t really expect:

,, What’s your daughter’s name ??? ,,

I was a little puzzled that she was asking, but I replied to her, “Asiya”. Continue reading

Magia negra en el Islam. ¿Falso?



Al comienzo de mi blog te prometí que compartiría contigo la Verdad sobre Egipto. Y todos sabemos que la VERDAD no siempre es agradable, pero a veces es realmente espeluznante y cruel. Este es el día en que voy a cumplir mi promesa. Quiero compartir con ustedes una historia egipcia sobre una pareja de enamorados … noten que es una historia realmente verdadera, de alguien que conozco en persona, pero por respetar y mantener su privacidad, cambié sus nombres en este artículo.

Continue reading