Sheikh – rich or educated man?

Many of us who hear this Word immediately imagine the rich and old man who is most likely living in a desert with own rich oil fields.

Man who has control over all people in desert and absolutely is not gentle and kind type of person. However today I am going to show you that this conviction is not right and meaning of this word can be even different.

Deep misunderstanding or language barrier ???

Maybe both, however, we have 3 meanings of the word ,,Sheikh,,.

1.Sheikh as a wise man

He can be 50 or 12 years old. It does not matter at this point. It is important how much man is educated, not just in religion, but mainly in life. We always get advices to our life from these people.

2. Sheikh as a old man

A man who is an grandad or older- usually 50+, we call him Sheikh only in respect of his age. Of course, we help such a man if it is possible.

3. Sheikh as a rich man

And as a last one, he can be a rich man. Yes, it can be a man from desert or owner of oil, but he can also be a very normal man who lives in the city or in the village but has his property.

We call him thus in respect of his property or position in his life.

I believe I have just explained one of the most used Arabic word and I want to know what other Arabic words you know from real life or movies ???


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