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Going to Egypt was always a lifelong dream of mine ever since I was five years old. When I arrived there for the first time during my twenties I really had no idea what kind of adventure awaited me and how my life would fundamentally change. What I experienced in Egypt over the course of one single month, I may not have experienced in my whole life elsewhere.
I had to deal with a lot of difficulties: social, cultural, linguistic and personal. Egypt is really like no other country so I had to learn everything from the bottom up.
On top of all that, my story took place in 2013 in Alexandria, when Egypt was having perhaps the worst demonstrations in modern history, just two years after the 2011 revolution of the Arab Spring. 

Join me on the course of my personal adventures through Egyptian culture and self discovery. With impulsive decision making full of spontaneity and finding myself in peculiar situations, I navigated my way through both the beauty and chaos that lives in Egypt. Here I found myself. 

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