Every Baby has Right to LIVE


Once upon a time, there were a beautiful women from the Egyptian countryside who just get married. Like every girl, she was dreaming of a big love story and she imagined her marriage happily with full of children and forever. But unfortunately, her wishes were not heard and life after turned to a hell… Continue reading

Todo bebé tiene derecho a VIVIR


Había una vez una hermosa mujer del campo egipcio que acababa de casarse. Como todas las chicas, soñaba con una gran historia de amor e imaginaba su matrimonio feliz, llena de hijos y siendo feliz para siempre, pero desafortunadamente sus deseos no fueron escuchados y la vida se convirtió en un infierno …
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Sobooa – Baby shower

I have the long expected surprise for you Today ! I have planned write about  a Baby shower half year ago and even I attended a lot of different baby showers so always something happened that I was not able to write about it or I did not have all needy information or a pictures but TODAY is going to change everything. I have all what you need to know right now. So Hurry Up to Read it because it took me a lot of efforts.

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