Dining like a Pharaoh – E-book

E-book: Dining like a Pharaoh

Story and Recipe book of Egyptian culture. Explore absolutely new cuisine which you will fall in love. It is easy to make and so delicious. And except cooking explore even Egyptian history and stories you have never heard about before! It will take your breath away…

10.00 $

FINALLY!!! My second E-book ,,Dining like a pharaoh,, is Finally here!

I have to say I put all my heart to this E-book.

I called it my own Egyptian Master piece. Its perfect connection of Egyptian History, legends, own stories, experiences and cuisine. I wanted this recipe book to be more than just casual book with recipes. It should represent you the Egypt, Egyptian people and also Egyptian mentality.

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Marsa Matrooh 2 – Best sea I have ever seen

So we sat on the balcony and started to eat the roast chicken which my husband brought for us. But even though I was very hungry, I didn’t eat much. I had a terrible headache and I felt I will faint soon.. So I asked my husband to make me a cup of Nescafe. I thought it’ll wake me up somehow, but now you wish I never drink it.

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