Happy New Year 2017


The last day of the year and I had so many things to do, write a new article in the blog, clean the apartment and other house work etc. However, as always in times when I need to do so many things, my daughter wouldn’t let me. She never wants to sleep when I start to do something.

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I could not sleep, I was just worried about my baby


18.12.2016 – today is the long-awaited big day. The day my daughter was born.

How did it all happen? Very strange and also funny and mostly unprepared.

Since I live in Egypt I understand here it is a trend to deliver babies by cesarean to avoid pain. Honestly I did not want this, so very long time I was searching with my husband for a doctor who is capable of delivering a baby normal way.

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Cairo Golden Parade – I faced Pharaohs, I had read about or adored


We went to dinner at 5 o’clock. We basically just changed into different clothes because we were really dirty from the pyramids, and we went to dinner right away. When we reached the restaurant, which was next to the terrace where we could see the pyramids, we were alone again. I have to say, I was really starting to like the hotel. I love when we’re alone somewhere, because it’s so rare in Egypt, and most of all, everyone cares about you more. 

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Why we were walking in the pyramids on Christmas day?


We decided to take a cab, which will be there in just five minutes to save time. The only thing, which we didn’t expect, we couldn’t just catch any cabs. After standing on the street for about 10 minutes, one of the cabs finally stopped for us. However, when my husband told him we wanted to go to the pyramids, he drove off as fast as he came. I stood with my mouth open. How come the cab didn’t take us where we wanted to go? Honestly, this has never happened to me in Alexandria!

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Christmas trip to Cairo


I knew I had to go somewhere. Far away from Alexandria. First of all, I don’t like the winter in Alexandria. It’s raining so much and the streets are all muddy, the sewers aren’t working, so all the streets are underwater. Plus, when the sea get rough and it’s pouring out, then it’s really horrible.

Secondly, it’s Christmas. I honestly haven’t celebrated Christmas in 10 years but it’s still a difficult time for me. I used to really love Christmas, and even though it’s been such a long time, I still can’t seem to deal with it inside myself. My solace are always only Christmas movies and candy.

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Preparation for our future cat


The first day alone. My husband went back to Europe for work. This time, of course, he’s going to Greece. Where he’s going to spend one week and then go to Prague. I’ve gotten used to our lifestyle. All goodbyes and greetings so it doesn’t even bother me anymore. I take this free time as a time for myself, to learn and personally grow. However to do not feel lonely I decided to have a cat.

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Happy Birthday to me 27


So I got to a point which I never hoped would come so soon. Well, yeah, I’m just old-fashioned, but I promised myself that it was time to take life a little seriously. At least after the 7 years that I’ve been lost, I know who I am or who I want to be: “I’m a writer about Egypt.”

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