It was hopeless, We will not have birthday cake!



Honestly, the first two years did not work very well because we celebrated it in Europe. So this time I wanted to make a magnificent birthday party and celebrate it with the whole family. Because for the first time, we will celebrate it in Egypt. In the country where my daughter was born! Continue reading

Although I have not been running for years, I was still good enough to beat the Egyptians


Coincidentally, my husband’s sister came up with a suggestion that we could spend a beautiful day with friends at this place. It was a long discussion whether to go to Palais d`​ Antoniadis or somewhere else, where we know it. Then my husband told me it`s a very historic place. Well, it was decided! No need to think anymore.

I couldn’t wait the Day and at morning I was ready on time, but of course my husband sisters were one hour late. Okay, it` s Nothing at the end, important was that we were going..Wohooo. When we arrived to Antoniadis we had to pay 5 l.e. ticket, which is actually very cheap. we parked and went looking for other friends. We all gathered in a minute and I was expecting what an Action we are going to take now.


Our small lady group

Action?! Really!I planned to go through the whole park and do a lot of photos and videos but unfortunately one of our girlfriend was pregnant and so we moved Just to one place where we spent all day. I am sure, you feel me…such an disappointment but I did not give myself the chance ruin my day because high expectation.


Me and my New friend Esra

In the end it didn’t matter because it was really Magic Day. We took it in the form of a picnic. We spread the blanket on the lawn and put out all the food and drinks what anyone brought, and we all ate freely. We discussed all the topics, sang and when we finished everything we had the “run race.” In that I excelled. Although I have not been running for years, I was still good enough to beat the Egyptians. Well, thanks to the fact that the park is really big we could afford this kind of fun because there were no men around. It is one of the rare places in Egypt, where women can really feel free in nature. We can do whatever comes on our mind and really enjoy it. Really great feeling to have freedom in the fresh air as in Europe.


Our beautiful and naughty children

Moreover, you must not forget about our children. Finally, they could play and romp as they wanted, and each of them was pleasantly exhausted and the moms could finally rest.

When we got tired we started took pictures. In that action the Egyptians beats me. They really love to take a photos as much as they can and so you will not be surprised when in a short while we made 200 pictures in one place. Just on the way back I started to look around me and noticed the amazing historical buildings. I have to say that it was really beautiful, even though was ruined the plants, trees and old buildings just had a real charm. I made a promise to myself, I have to go back there and go through the whole park to really absorb the whole beauty of the park. Actually it is a small copy of Versailles and that’s really something! I’ve always wanted to see it. Even though I speak of this park its old for a centuries, it comes only from the 19th century. What intrigued me, they built a Zoo from part of this park.


Alexandria`s Zoo is really known, but I never thought it was part of something, and specially not of this beautiful park. but even if it’s one park, these two parts are separated. Certainly for the purpose to make more money. That`s all what really matter in Egypt.


Feeling as princess inside Gazebo

What pleased me most was the Gazebo, which I discovered dotted with roses. At first sight it did not seem glamorous but it really took all my heart. I had to take a picture inside the gazebo. At least for a while I felt like a princess in Versailles.

And what pleased most children was when we discovered a small playground. very old but for that purpose to make the children happy, it was enough. The children had a really great time.

I think we have all been very satisfied and happy. and in addition, I got new friends and that please me the most.

Thank you for reading


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In most of Nurseries were afraid of me when they found out I am foreign

In the morning I beautifully dressed my daughter and at 9 am I met my husband’s sisters in front of my house. We took a Toktuk right under the nursery so that we did not lose much time. when we entered in, I sincerely disliked it at first sight. From the outside they had beautiful posters, but from the inside everything seemed very old and dirty. We talked to the owner for a while but I knew this is not the nursery I dreamed of. 

So the journey continued to the second nursery. My husband’s sister was talking about how amazing this nursery is but at that moment I stopped her. Because we reached under this amazing nursery but what shocked me was their Name on the poster. KIDZ Academy.Are you really serious? It was my first question to the sister of my husband. KIDZ? you think i am going to put my daughter to a nursery who can’t speak English even they are writing they are excellent in it ?! I was really so pissed off. You know if we are in Europe, I would guess its maybe a style, but we are in Egypt! So it is definitely not style but they mean it absolutely serious.


Sister of my husband with my daughter in one of the nurseries


And this moment really made me mad. So how can I find out which nursery is the right one? How do I know if they really speak English as they say and promise? But at this point our Game started. I agreed with my husband’s sisters to test them by myself. So entered around 30 nursery. The scheme always looked the same. Firstly the sisters talked about the price and how the nursery itself works. If they knew the beginning that I was a foreigner, they would certainly increase prices. And when everything was arranged then I spoke. I spoke to them in English and I always wanted to see the English teacher.


Well, that was something! In most nurseries, when they found out that I was a foreigner they became so scared,so afraid of me, or try to escape with words English teacher does not have time to meet me. One nursery even refused us when they found out we really spoke English. What made me angry the most was a nursery called American nursery. Before I entered it, I told my husband’s sisters, “we shouldn’t go to this nursery, American English is quite different from British one ,, but what I forgot was that we live in Egypt! Here they really do not make any difference between American and British English … and worse in this American nursery they were unable to speak English at all. And when I met an English teacher she wasn’t able to put together a single English basic sentence. She just spoke by separated words. I really could not believe myself.

I was really exhausted in that day and I still could not find the right nursery for my daughter. we had two last nursery to see. in one they spoke English quite well but they refused to show me the nursery and I had to arrange an interview with the manager etc..complicated process and unfortunately I did not have time for it and so we reached the last Nursery.



A Nursery which is quite new and I certainly did not expect that right in this nursery I will find what I was looking for. Finally, they were not afraid of me and they spoke to me English – fluently! and were able to explain to me everything I needed to know. but I was really happy when I found out their English is really on a high level. Far better than in many foreigners. That day I told them that I still need to think about which nursery my daughter will join.


I love  how they educate children in Pure light nursery

But Me and even sisters of my husband fell in love with this nursery from the first sight.. One sister liked the fact that this nursery is placed in Villa and the other liked the yellow color and I liked the English so it was decided. For sure you want to know the name of this nursery, right? If you are in Alexandria and need some nursery for your kids so this information will be perfect for you. The nursery is called PURE LIGHT International Nursery & Daycare.and its located in Glim. so as I have amazing experience with them, do not be afraid to put your children there. This nursery really worth it!


Finding a nursery for my daughter was really exhausting, but in the end we succeeded! And I could not choose a better one! 


Thank you for reading


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We took our seats on the sea but It would not be Egypt if something did not happen


Firstly I was thinking to go to my favorite Cafe Taverna. I am sure you already knew it because I mention it all the time. But I was thinking because of you I should go to different place, to gain new experience and new photos. So that`s what happened.

I actually did not choose it by my own, it was by luck. I was walking with my family on the sea road and we passed by many cafe and just point to one and went inside. And We went to cafe called Wave. A very beautiful name for such a place indeed.


Boys swimming in the cold sea

But my first impression was a big disappointment. There were no free place to sit near to the sea and people were smoking Shisha and all was under smoke and the place seemed not clean. But we sit down in the middle of the cafe and were choosing our orders.


Flute Cake – Woow

So I wanted really to have a Milk Shake Flutes. Do you know “flutes”? Its a brand of chocolate which I adore so much and I found it only in Egypt till now. And those Cafe on sea are making really Wonderful Milk shakes from it. So I really looked forward on it so hard..My badluck then…My husband misunderstood me what I want and he ordered me Flutes Cake. So what Can I say.. I was so mad at him..I really hate if I want something and I get something else but after few minutes I was not able to afford just look at the cake.. Obviously I started to eat it…Wooow….I did not eat a better cake in Egypt. Really the Best of Best. It was too big cake that I fed even our family children and we all were full.


Amazing Strawberry drink

The rest of family had a fruit drinks – mango, strawberry and even there was a new try called “white lemon” – was lemon and milk. Also very delicious. Some people went away and we took our seats on the sea, so we were watching the beautiful sunset at the end.


Sunset before the sunshade hide my view

But it would not be Egypt if something did not happen…Guess what…In the middle of the sunset, when I am really flying, focusing on the sunset and taking picture for you…One Egyptian woman sitting behind me asked the waitress to scroll down the sunshade because the sun bother her. And the sunshade got in my view. So we asked to make it up again but the Egyptian woman of course refused. There was a fight for a time but like always the Egyptian woman won.

Anyway we were still waiting on a cousin who should come to sit with us and enjoy the time. My husband ordered a pizza for making the environment little bit calm. We had a pizza with Tuna also very beautiful. Before we finished the pizza, the cousin came, we still sit and talk for a little time…our children were playing as running in all the cafe and jumping over the seats..but no one complained, its kind of a normal in Egypt. And when the Sunset finished, they made the sunshade up and I was so pissed of that I had to leave right away.


My Mother in Law with family children

But before I really left they asked me to write my personal experience and opinion about the Cafe. For sure I started to write immediately…it was Something for me! I wrote that the place itself must be really cleaned up, it really looks dirty but the food and drink was the Best. Much better than Taverna.


Prices are also acceptable 20-45 L.E. That`s still very nice on Egypt. So actually I would recommend you to go try it there, as I told the food will very satisfy you and also the view on the sea. But Personally I am not planning to go there again. 

Thank you for reading


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Sea was really cold, so I better went to a cafe…Welcome back in Egypt


Way to my Lovely Egypt!


Could you believe it`s already 2 years I have left Egypt? Well Alhamdulillah I have for you a great news that I am back in Egypt! Continue reading

When I arrived to Egypt, I changed my view on everything


The very first day I was passing through Egypt and I saw the normal people living, I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t remember all the details, but I remember very well the feeling and how many things seemed so unbelievable that nobody would believe me in Europe

Today I will write to you 10 things that I love in Egypt, they surprised me and some made me laugh. Some points are known, and some will surprise you .. but then surely write to me in the comment what things you love about Egypt or made you love. I’m sure every foreign can have his list of things he loves in Egypt.

I believe a lot of people would indicate my list that it is terrible in Egypt but I think my points make from EgyptThe Egypt itself...”


7 years ago…


1. They kept the door from the apartment open all day. The keys were not used at all. When I asked for the keys, they laughed and had to look for a long time to find where they saved the key. But nobody used it and no one stole you. In the house, all neighbours knew each other and guarded each other. if someone wanted to rob you, they wouldn’t have a chance … (unfortunately, this does not exist in Egypt anymore, after the revolution this has changed and today it is like in Europe. Everything is locked on and surprisingly since then many people started successfully stealing.)

2. Car washer. Do you know the feeling of going into a car washer and having a car washed by automatically roller?! Well in Egypt they also have a car washer but when you go inside, there is a man who will wash your car manually. This really makes me laugh until now. When you see a supercar washer from the front and just walk around it and see a man works classically with his hands, old clothe and dirty water. were mostly old Skoda Lada .. in my country those cars were used when I was a small child and then I never saw them again. when I saw them in Egypt it was really refreshing feeling like I was returning to my childhood. but the fun was when you got in the car, you felt it’s only the construction of the car, no comfort … but this has also changed. Today almost everybody in Egypt has a luxury car.

4. Fixing things. I’ve always been worried about how to use things correctly according to the instructions or use the correct tools. but when I arrived in Egypt, I changed my view. Did you know for Egyptians are enough just a piece of stone and rope and they can repair everything? seriously, I’m not kidding. there are so great at this, but it makes me laugh even today.

5. Note that Egyptians usually do not use cutlery.They eat by hands or using bread. Exceptionally they use spoons but they never eat by cutlery as Europeans do.

6. When Egyptian gangsters get mad at each other, they took their all family and friends to fight. But! They fight with a sword! I always feel the Zorro comes true in Egypt. Anyway this fighting is always a big shows for the women. They always watch it from the balcony as a TV show.

7. Toktuk! Who does not know such an amazing, little, cute car for a ladies – mostly. Always playing street songs, make a lot of noise and delivery you quickly on the end of the street. I am really in love with this cute car but mostly Egyptians hate it even they use it all the time.

8. This thing really shocked me. Old generation when they spoke to me, they were always very surprised that the Arabic language is not a basic language of my country. Well, they knew its not my mother language but they supposed I was learning it at least in the school or I will listen it on the street. I just could not explain to them my county does not use this language at all. They never understood this and even how it could be hard for me to learn it. From their words its the easiest language in the world. Really?!

9. Wow, this is sooooo fabulous!!!! University…people do not go there to study but to find a bride or groom. Can you believe that? Surely all people must pass the university exam but no worry its definitely not hard as in Europe..there is many ways to pass and its not the main source of going there..really its a place for meeting your future partner.

10. Food, since I was a child to an adult time I have never eat too much. But Egypt healed me at this point, definitely! The food OMG, it’s so different, so delicious… The first time I just could not stop eating! And my first favorite combination was a Halawa with cheese and banana. All eaten together 😀 Well this I do not eat anymore but at that time it was my Top dish anytime I was hungry.


Thank you for reading
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Thanks God, I found many people who taught me to be a good Muslim

Time ago I have met a really amazing foreign girl ! or better I should say a woman! Let`s say we met cross my blog. She is doing very similar work as me on facebook Latina En Cairo and its to describing Egypt and Egyptian culture to her people. Continue reading

Egyptian Aqiqah is quite different but the principles remain the same


I have really experienced Aqiqah and I can’t believe how I forget it. We only had Aqiqah in our family once. When a boy was born! Of course, you can make Aqiqah even for a Girl, if you’d like to. Gender is not a problem at all. But Aqiqah is quite more expensive then Soboa. So that`s the reason why the people save this occasion for a boy. The birth of a boy is still more appreciated in Egypt …..

So let’s explain what the Aqiqa really is? Simply said it is a baby shower!  but in an Islamic way. So it really comes from the religion of Islam. Soboa, on the other hand, is also a baby shower but as a secular celebration. It has nothing to do with Islam, it is a pure celebration of Egyptians.


How is Aqiqah celebrated?

Aqiqah is celebrated 7 days after the birth of the baby. On the celebration day, you sacrifice an animal sheep on the occasion of the child’s birth.

Meat from sacrificed sheep is given to poor people and family. It’s actually a way of charity. But it’s very important to know it’s not mandatory. It is optional, when you do it is for your own good or for the good of the child, but if you do not want it so no one can force you to do it.

However, Muslims believe that if they sacrifice an animal for a child, then God will protect the child and will reward parents for this act, whether in this life or in the hereafter.

On this day, the baby’s head is shaved off the hair and you will name the baby.


However, if someone is unable to procure by his health or finance, the holiday may be celebrated even 14th or 21st day after the child’s birth. and if you still can’t afford it until the 21st day, you can make this celebration until the child’s puberty begins. But of course the sooner the better.

So Aqiqa in Islam should be celebrated this way. But Egyptians have their own personal style in everything they do and so my personal experience with Aqiqa is quite different, but of course, the principle remained the same.


My  Story of Egyptian Aqiqah

Khadiga born a son. He is the first baby boy in our family. Congratulations and enthusiasm were huge. And since Khadiga and her husband are truly Muslim’s by hearts, it was clear that they would celebrate Aqiqa for their first and only son.

One day Khadiga wrote to me on Facebook an invitation to her home. “Come with your husband for lunch, I will do Kebab and rice. ” Surely we will come, I did not think about it deeply. I thought it is just a usual family lunch as we do it every week. However, about a day before the visit, I realized that it will be a little more than just a usual lunch with the family. and so I quickly ran to buy a gift. And I was right! Good that I bought the gift otherwise I would look really impossible.

When I came to her apartment there was a huge number of people. There wasn’t even a free place to sit down. I gave my gift directly to Khadiga and I was really happy when it took only a little while for the food being served. Poor Khadiga! She cooked the food for all the people by herself and because she invited even her neighbors and her husband’s family, so people were taking turns in her home since morning. But the evening was reserved only for us as her family.

So she finally started the expected dinner. the men settled in a beautifully decorated table with lots of food and drink..and classically we women with children sat down on the floor where we just put the undecorated food. it’s not about women have to sit under a male lol noo! but about the fact that I’m from such a large family that one table will never fit us. now you’re probably thinking men should be gentlemen and let women sit at the table, right? unfortunately, in Egypt, a man is something more and therefore he must have the best out of honor and respect. honestly, Egyptian women don’t mind it at all, maybe they are even happier this way because there is always enough space on the floor and it is more comfortable for children and definitely there is always more fun.

Okay, so we ate sheep kebab, rice, lots of juice and Egyptian drinks. After that, there was a common prayer with which we ended this celebration. Khadiga gave everybody a piece of meat as a gift to our homes. And we all left to our own homes. very calmly and with the wish of a successful and happy life for the newborn.

Do you see? It’s just a little different. In Egypt, it’s mostly about food.







Al Nasrya – go there for a holiday to refresh yourself! You will feel amazing



Today, I have visited my husband´s distant aunt in a place called Al Nasrya. This place is far away from Alexandria. The last time I visited this place was almost 1 year ago. But since the first time I saw this place, I hardly fell in love with it. We can say that this place is similar to a village but “village” in Egypt has really felt like you reback 300 years in history. You feel so relaxed and refreshed and far away from modern technique. It is really balm on a heart.

Even of course people there nowadays have internet and Tv etc. but the people know each other very well and what I love the most is they still work by hand mostly without modern instrument, and does not matter which kind of job it is – it can be seller, baker, mechanic or fieldwork and whatever you can imagine. And imagine what – the people are no overload by the work. Okay, even some people work 6,8 hours or 12 but they still have time for the family and on good food or to hang out with friends. Simply easy enjoyable life. 

 I remember when  I was a kid my grandad was a seller in newspaper stand and the feeling was actually the same. Even in the work he spoke with a lot of people, he had time to smoke his cigarette or drank coffee or if he wanted to settle anything in his life he could always deal with the manager, etc. He worked 8 hours every day and I am sure that he did not have a lot of money from this job but he never came back home destroyed from the work, his mind and body were always fresh. Simply this is something what I personally call a good life. And this “something” I still find in Egypt. Because in Europe I do not know anyone like this anymore. All people are an overload of work and focusing only on money. And they forget to live. 

Anyway, of course, there are some disadvantages to our village. Most of the people are not so well educated, so the behavior of some people is not so good and boys mostly smoke or drink alcohol, and even they do not know a lot about their religion. But again in a European village hundreds of years ago the people were not educated too, they focused mainly on handwork and food. 

So actually I would not be able to live there but to go there for one day or 1 week even 1 month as a holiday to refresh yourself it is really something amazing.


Well, we went there actually at 3 afternoons by car. At the start I was sad we go so late but at the end, I have to say Thank  God because the sun was extremely burning so if we go sooner we will not be able to handle the way. Next thing what I really hated and what changed from the last year was the government destroyed the historical gate to Alexandria and from a dirt road, the government built high way. It is something what I really feel pity for because it totally lost the feeling of old Egypt. But of course, on another side, the way is much faster. We reached the aunt homeless than in 1 hour.

When we reached the aunt home but we were still on the street the people looked at us as we are a tourist from another country – this was really funny. Anyway, they welcomed us very warmly with huge feeling and they prepared a lot of drinks for us -Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, etc. We were chatting a lot and we were sitting on the balcony to enjoy the view of the countryside then we found prepared food for us. You will not believe but we were 5  people and they prepared for us 2 whole ducks and 2 chickens for us with enormously amount of rice and soup and salads and vegetable in tomatoes sausage. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of this food because it really worth but I will try next time. The Egyptian is really famous about this – food and conviviality and especially in the villages or countrysides. 

After we finished the food we had tea and again we were speaking together with a memorized some family events. And then we left around 8 pm because this time we were in a rush. But I wished to stay really longer.

In the end, I made a few photos of this place even the quality is not so good but this time I did not have another camera with me except my mobile.




“Here we get married and God, stars and the Moon are our witnesses.”

affection afterglow backlit blur

“Will you marry me?” Ahmed looked at Marwa and his eyes showed enthusiasm and sincere love.

Marwa waited for this moment so long and now it´s  here!

“Yes I will marry you,” she cried, and fell around his neck. They were hugging each other for a long time, in the glow of the silver moon and the murmur of the sea…
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