Tell el-Fara’in – the ancient capital of lower Egypt

Legend says: After the death of Osiris, his wife Isis did not despair of the Egyptian throne but quickly ran to hide her son Horus from the malice of Osiris’ brother Seth, who longed to be king. She took her child, and ran with him up the hill away from his uncle, and hid him in the bushes so that no one would find him, while she herself went to find her murdered husband. Horus then hid and grew up in this place called Buto, raised by Wadjet, until his adulthood. And after that he took revenge on Seth.

This place where Horus grew up has not only confused Seth but also the archaeologists. Unknown place “Buto” which they saw on the archaeological finds and on the walls of the tombs and temples but where is it?

No one knows the whereabouts of Buto, the ancient capital of lower Egypt. This place was discovered only cca. 30 years ago. And it has shaken the whole archaeology.

found in Buto, photo is non of my authorship

About 176 acres of hills, under which are hidden the most precious artifacts, dating back almost 5,000 years. This place was used by ancient kings to make sacrifices and obtain royal legimity. Dr. Hossam Ghoneim, director of the antiquities department of West Kafr El-Sheikh says Bhutto was the only place to legitimize the king. Egyptian kings had to make sacrifices to the goddess “Wagt” who gave them power.

On the hill is the cemetery “Bhutto” The Great” in which thousands of sarcophagi were found, both in sarcophagus form and in human form, with inscriptions and explanatory rituals. Many amulets and ornaments were also found. Unfortunately, only the temple of the goddess “Wagt” was discovered here. Even archaeological writings confirming that there are temples of Isis, the god Horus and other gods.

In the earliest records of this area there were two cities, Pe and Dep.Eventually they merged into one city, which the ancient Egyptians named Per-Wadjet.

The goddess Wadjet, often portrayed as a cobra, was the patroness of Lower Egypt, and her oracle was located in her famous temple in the area.

This region of the delta was an important place in prehistoric Egypt. It is a place of cultural development lasting 10,000 years, from the Paleolithic to 3100 BC.

During foreign occupation of Egypt under the Ptolemaic Kingdom, a dynasty that ruled from 305 to 30 BC, Buto served as the capital city, or according to Herodotos, merely the principal village of the Nile Delta.

Ghoneim added that the area consists of 4 adjacent hills dating from the fourth millennium BC, except for the sacred area, which includes two entrances for worship, and the cemeteries on the western side. Ancient Egyptians believed in the idea of resurrection and immortality and considered the area safe, and archaeologists have long and unsuccessfully searched for this site.

After that, two English scientists, Petrie in 1886 and Curley in 1904, came to the site in search of the lower capital of Egypt. But they also found nothing until an Egyptian expedition led by Mrs “Williams” arrived in the area in 1964. She searched for fossils, but eventually discovered a Greek bathroom. After that, Dorothy Charlesworth continued. And the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo has been excavating Butu since the early 1980s. Eventually, six Greek baths were excavated in Butu by various missions.

Director of the Antiquities Department of West Kafr El-Sheikh added that two years after Williams’ discovery of the spa, a joint mission from the University of Alexandria’s Faculty of Philosophy in coordination with the Antiquities Ministry was announced that it was the city of “Buto.”

This discovery was a historic event for the whole world and not just for Egypt.

Today we call the place Buto (or Per Wadjet) in Egypt Tell el-Fara’in.

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