Is it easy to fall in love with Egyptian man?

Personally, if I hear this question, my immediate answer will be a resounding yes! From my perspective, nothing is easier than falling in love with an Egyptian.

Why is it so?

There may indeed be several reasons. First and foremost, Egyptian men are the most romantic in the world. Indeed, in a second they can make you feel The love, happiness and contentment. They have no problem showing their feelings. On the contrary, they really live those feelings to the fullest. Many times it really takes only their gaze, a smile, or even just one word to make you fall in love with him.

So it’s no wonder that if someone comes from a country where feelings are less obvious, they fall for Egyptian magic instantly.

Egyptians are great warriors, too. And so when they like a woman, they never give up until they just have her. And I believe that’s one of the things that women are so impressed with. Our “no” to them doesn’t really mean no, but only a postponement until the next time. And I have to admit, they’re absolutely right about that. When an Egyptian simply chooses a woman, it’s rarely that the woman in question escapes him. Especially foreigner woman, who doesn’t even know the Egyptian rules.

Egyptians are also tolerant of religion. Most Egyptians are Muslims and as Islam teaches us to respect other religions, so indeed Egyptians adhere to this rule. They have no problem marrying a Jew or a Christian, and fully respect her religion and give her the freedom to practice her religion as she feels or needs. But of course every Egyptian secretly hopes that his wife will convert to Islam one day in the future, but that is not a condition at all.

I believe the other reason is that they never but truly NEVER accept money from a woman! They don’t let them pay for themselves or let woman buy them gifts. That just doesn’t exist in Egyptian culture. (If it does then believe you’ve met an Egyptian scammer.) A man is really a man here! That’s how they’re raised and it really is up to them to take care of us women and spoil us. And they really do this perfectly. They can bring us “paradise on earth” both financially and emotionally.

They give us their full attention. I think it’s a fundamental difference between an Egyptian man and a European man. Really, when you have a conversation with an Egyptian man, he pays attention, he pays attention to you and he listens to your every word and he really remembers it. Maybe you’ll be surprised with that in the future that in a month he’ll remind you of your words or he’ll surprise you with something nice. Something that you wanted but you may have forgotten already, so believe me, the Egyptian man will remind you of that at the right time.

If you get into trouble, the Egyptian man will help you. Indeed, if a woman in Egypt has the slightest problem, the Egyptian man will solve it for her in a second unselfishly. They are protectors, and it is in their blood to protect and care for women. There is no shame, on the contrary, they pride themselves on being able to help a woman.

They have a need for family and children. My favorite point, which I have mentioned many times, but it also belongs here. Every Egyptian is a family man. They respect and take care of their mother, they help their sisters, they want to have a wife and with her a lot of their own children. Also from my own experience I can say that they are really great fathers who are also devoted to the children and fulfill their every wish. The Egyptian will really do his best for the family.

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