I went to an amazing place today and I can’t believe it. We were at the American cafe “Friends” where they had everything but absolutely everything like in the show and it was just beautiful. So I was there with my husband and my daughter, and because my leg is twisted and I can’t walk on it properly, we took a taxi there.I couldn’t wait any longer, and I had to go there today, because it was now or never. I’ve been talking about it for a long time, that I want to go there, but it never worked out because of the weather. The weather in Alexandria at the moment is very bad, unpredictable and mainly it rains all the time.

However, today was a nice day and Asiya wasn’t at school either because they expected it to rain again so they gave them the day off. In the end it was a nice day and we had to take advantage of it. So we went to this cafe but my husband didn’t like it at all from the beginning. I believe it was because he is simply Egyptian and from my point of view he doesn’t understand these things or doesn’t have the same relationship with them as we foreigners do.

However for me and Asiya it was just great! Asiya and I ordered together pizza with tuna, then I had extra cappuccino with caramel, Asiya hot chocolate with marshmallow and my husband green tea. Everything was absolutely delicious, it is impossible to describe how much delicious. Especially the pizza, it was probably the best pizza I have ever eaten in Alexandria.

And the decorations! They had “Joey” on the place mats, they had pictures of the “friends” on the walls, a lot of TVs in which they broadcast “friends” and especially couches just like in friends. The cafe was a two-story and what surprised me was that it wasn’t crowded at all. On the contrary, we found the place quite easily. However, we didn’t take the couch but sat at the window where we could see almost to the sea, because this cafe is just a street away.

They also do birthday parties there, so I decided I will celebrate my future birthday there. Asiya also took a picture with Joey´s teddy bear and they had also Phoebe’s corner there, which I did not take picture of it anymore. There is also the possibility to buy various souvenirs like a mug, t-shirts etc. from “friends”

I just had such a great time. What surprised me was that my best friend Ameera had to tell me about this place. However she is from Cairo but she was just passing through Alexandria and immediately noticed this restaurant. I live here in Alexandria 8 years and I never noticed it.

However, from now on, it is my favorite cafe in all of Egypt.

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