He forced her to sell her house, with promise, they will have a wonderful life in Egypt

One day an elderly Egyptian man, who had been working as a taxi driver in Europe already for some time, meets a beautiful foreigner. She gets into a taxi with him, and it was love at first sight. They were the same age, and they perfectly understood each other. The taxi driver immediately asked her out, and she agreed. They had a wonderful and romantic time together. He treated her just like a princess.

He also told her that he had been married to a European woman before and they had a son together, but they had been divorced a long time ago. He also added that he was Muslim and that if they wanted to stay together, they would have to marry as soon as possible in a mosque.

Our foreigner was completely in love with him and agreed to everything. What’s more, even though she lived in a completely different country, she gave up everything for him. Her amazing job, her friends, she rented her apartment so she could start a new life with her love.

To her surprise, she discovered that the taxi driver lived in a small flat and so she would have to get used to it. She was not deterred, believing firmly in their love and also believing that it was only temporary. However, the subsequent event changed everything.

The taxi driver didn’t come home one day, and he stopped calling her completely. She waited for him for a day, two days, a week, two weeks, but he didn’t show up for three weeks! Then suddenly he came back and Instead of explaining why he did this, he started to shout at her: “Because of you, I’m in trouble with my wife in Egypt!”

It was a real shock. It was only now that she realized how little she knew about him that she had missed this fact. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and that she was really a second woman, but they were already married and so life went on.

By time they found a bigger apartment but she had to pay half the rent and he only gave her 5 euros for food. He as a taxi driver ate outside, and she had to handle her life with what he gave her. He never bought her anything even she didn’t have the money to buy a jacket or shoes and most of the time she was sick. In this situation she began to understand that this is not okay. The taxi driver also started to make fights over silly things.

One day they were visited by his son and the taxi driver turned into a loving father and husband again. So she thought he was just overworked and that they would benefit from a vacation. So she suggested that they go to her country for a while to visit her friends, who she missed so much. Oddly enough, the taxi driver agreed with the idea. When they came to her country and he saw how beautiful and big her apartment was, he forced her to sell it and promised her, with this money they would buy an apartment in Egypt and have a wonderful life.

She really sold her apartment and they moved to Egypt. In Egypt, however, taxi driver told her that foreigners can’t keep more than $10,000 USD with them. Unfortunately, our foreigner really believed him and gave him all her money and of course he deposited it into his account.

Soon she realized that it was a mistake and that everything was different from what he had promised her. They didn’t live in a beautiful house but on the contrary, he put her in a really old apartment. What’s more, since then she was afraid about her life. One day she was walking down the stairs and someone pushed her from behind. She fell down the stairs and had several injuries. Another time, she went into the fridge at night and as soon as she touched the fridge she found that the fridge had been electrified. She started to get really scared but didn’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, our taxi driver bought a new luxury house to which he moved his Egyptian wife and children, he also bought a property, a car, and they enjoyed luxury holidays in hotels. He bought groceries in bulk not only for his Egyptian wife but also for her family.

Our foreigner was always left at home with only a few pieces of vegetables or some meat. So when she finally protested that he was taking care of his Egyptian wife by her own earned money, he got terribly angry with her.

At this time they were also expecting a container from Europe where our foreigner had her furniture. The container had been brought to Alexandria and they had to go and get it. The taxi driver didn’t want to do it at all and kept looking for excuses and so the furniture was waiting for them from August until December. In the end they had to go get it anyway. However, strange thing happened along the way. All of a sudden he asked her: “Do you really want to know why I married you?” She looked at him in surprise. “Why not, tell me.” “I didn’t marry you because you’d be beautiful but because you’re good in bed.” Hearing this answer, she remained silent and did not answer him.

This night, our foreigner prayed to God for help. Truly with all her heart, because she was already so desperate and didn’t know what else to do. “Please God, if this man is good for me, keep him in my life, but if he’s not then let us go separate ways.”

The taxi driver came to apologize to her the next day. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” “No, it’s okay, apologize to God, not to me, to me it does not matter.” was her reply. However,she felt her heart turn away from him, and she didn’t feel his love at all. She understood how blind she was. So she asked him to give her back her money, that she wanted to go home. He refused it radically.

She suffered with him for another month, but then something happened that no one expected. Out of sudden he died. Thanks God, because she was his lawful wife, half of their money was returned to her. The other half was left to the Egyptian wife. Anyway, she was finally able to return home.

Notice: This is true story but names and places are kept hidden for private reasons.

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