Cairo Golden Parade – I faced Pharaohs, I had read about or adored


We went to dinner at 5 o’clock. We basically just changed into different clothes because we were really dirty from the pyramids, and we went to dinner right away. When we reached the restaurant, which was next to the terrace where we could see the pyramids, we were alone again. I have to say, I was really starting to like the hotel. I love when we’re alone somewhere, because it’s so rare in Egypt, and most of all, everyone cares about you more. 

So we ordered food, even the chef himself came to tell us what they had best today. Then I noticed a wonderful thing. Sunset right by the pyramids. That was really such a beautiful sight that of course I took the chance to take a quick picture. It was one of those moments that will be remembered forever. You can’t think of anything else, only to perceive the beauty.

My contemplation was interrupted by people who had just come to dinner and also wanted to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. So I went back to my seat and we waited for dinner. Honestly, they were so fast, and we had food on the table a little while later. Me and Asiya ordered a half-and-half pizza with Tunna, and my husband ordered chicken with rice. I have to say that my husband’s portion was really made for Europeans and not for Egyptians. A really small portion but for that pizza it was a big one that we all three ended up eating out of.

After dinner, we went back to the room and all three of us fell asleep, exhausted. We didn’t wake up until 10:00 p.m.. We were a little bit upset about it, because we originally wanted to see the pyramid light show. When we got to the terrace we were told it was all over, that it was 7:00 p.m.!!!

However, It was really very cold and I was afraid that Asiya would catch a cold again, because she had just recovered from the illness. So we went back to the room where we were until the next day.

I woke everyone up at 7:30 am. I was already dressed even though I only slept for three hours. I don’t know why but I couldn’t sleep at all and I kept thinking about Egypt and it gave me no peace. Everyone was ready in no time and we went to breakfast at 8 o’clock sharp. I have to say, breakfast was really luxurious. A beautifully panelled table of all kinds of food but I liked the croissants the most. They were really divine. 

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After breakfast at 9 o’clock, we were finally off to the new Cairo Museum for mummies of Pharaohs. This time we found a taxi very quickly and there was no problem. Half an hour later, we were there. There was no rush of people, and the place itself was so huge and beautiful. I have to say, they really succeed in it.

When we went inside the museum I was surprised at how small the museum was. I was hoping that maybe I was wrong but unfortunately I wasn’t wrong. However, the first place we went was of course the mummies. It was a strange feeling, then, to be faced with pharaohs I had read about or adored. For example, Hatshepsut, my favourite ruler and a great inspiration in life, when I looked at her face, I was terrified. Her mummy is not very good-looking. Oppositely, Thutmose III, who I never liked, so his mummy was very well preserved and handsome.

I’m a little superstitious that I believe how a person looks posthumously, it shows whether a person was good or evil. So I was kind of disappointed in Hatshepsut. Even though, looking  virtually to dead king’s face,which is over 3,000 years old, is a real experience! I’ve always replayed in my head that in their lifetime no one was allowed to even look at their face, at least the common people weren’t and now we’re looking at them with our mouths wide open.

Mostly, I also imagined that maybe something incredible would happen to me. For example, that the mummy would move or blink. I wouldn’t be surprised because strange things always happen to me but thank God nothing happened. Honestly if I was there alone I’d be scared. it wasn’t a completely pleasant feeling to be among the mummies alone. On top of that, of course, the mummies are practically in the dark and are very guarded. No one was allowed to take pictures or film them. One foreigner tried to photo them and immediately she wasthrew out of the museum. This time The guards were really strict, and you couldn’t bribe them.

After the mummies, we went to another part of the museum where we could see, of course, other things from Ancient Egypt and Islamic Era. I’m not going to explain everything that we saw because I shot everything on video with the captions that you can see below. I tried to film everything so that you would feel like you were right there in the museum.

Suddenly we saw the foreinger in front of us that I was listening to on the terrace of our hotel last night. I started to think she was following us but I felt so sorry for her because she was alone. I wanted to ask her to join us but by the time I finished one video she was gone and then I never saw her again.

So we went through the museum really quickly in about an hour, and before we left we went to see the beautiful view of Cairo, the park, and the lake, which was part of the museum. It was a really beautiful sight, but it was all what we saw at the museum.

None of us expected it to be this fast and so quickly we had to come up with a new plan, where we will go now. That’s when it hit me, “Pharaonic Village.”

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