Sphinx was built as Lion what is it protecting?

Once I heard this sentence: When the end of the world is near the Sand of Egypt will discover its secrets.

Well, this is exactly what I feel is happening right now in our ages. Because the biggest secret of Egypt even was just found and yet they try to hide from us, the normal people. Who found it? and what they found so important that it must be kept as a secret? In this article, we will discuss all of it in detail.

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But for just a moment lets go back to pharaoh time, especially to Pharaoh Thutmose IV. (18. dynasty).

Prince Thutmose, son of Amenhotep II, fell asleep near the Sphinx because he was tired of Hunting. He had a strange dream, the sphinx called itself Harmakhet, complained about its state of disarray and made a deal with the young prince, it would help him become pharaoh if he cleared away the sand from the statue and restored it. Prince believed in his dream and when he did it, in fact he become Pharaoh Thutmose IV. He introduced Sphinx Worshipping to his people and since this time sphinx became a symbol of royalty and the power of the sun.

So yes, today we will speak about the glorious Sphinx. The fact is that NO ONE knows who built the sphinx and Why. If you ever read that it was the same pharaoh as he built the pyramid – Khufu or their sons or Djoser so let me tell you it is simply a lie. But after deep research really no one has an idea how old the sphinx in fact is. Neither the Pharaoh themselves knew it. But what we know now for sure that it keeps the biggest mystery in the world.

I already described in my previous article the mystery of the Head of the sphinx. On the top of the head, there is a circle door and it leads to its secret chamber inside the sphinx. In the year 1991, Zahi Hawass opened the door. But a few years later it was Hawass himself who denied it, as he never was inside. But for his bad luck, he was recorded and the video of how he entered the sphinx still exists over youtube. the second mystery of sphinx had is the button beside its ear – saying if we push it down the whole world will change. Who knows? No one ever tried it to push it still.

But now let’s look Under the Sphinx. The Egyptologist agree recently that Sphinx was built as a Lion. Because they found many pictures of Lions right on the sphinx itself. so it means should show the Power as Lion and also it is protecting something like a true Lion. Protecting what?

Year 1798 Napoleon`s expedition found door under the Sphinx but were not able to enter it.

The year 1877 Edgar Cayce so-called the sleeping prophet informed us that under the Sphinx of the pyramid is the Hall of Records left by Atlanteans. And this hall connects the Sphinx and the Pyramids. also mentioned before the year 2000 it will be found.

1999 expedition discovers tunnel full of water under the sphinx and 6 small chambers. And Hawass himself found inside the sarcophagus. This means he himself entered and found the hall of record under the sphinx. As well he mentioned his famous sentence,, you never know what the sand of Egypt may Hide. But to our big surprise, he again started to deny he ever was there and told nothing is existing under the sphinx. My big question to him would be ,,why?,, why is he doing so? the only explanation would be they found something so valuable there that the government itself would stop his work. and he is not able to say the truth anymore.

But let’s move forward. or maybe back to the past. Herodotus the father of history visited Egypt in the 5th century and he described he was in the palace under the sphinx. also mentioned it was the best palace he ever saw in his life. and he Was not alone who told this. However, still, it was described as an ancient library hiding the secrets of this world.

Also, there is a mention it also hides a lot of Golds and Cup of Solomon. Which I believe a lot of people would love to own.

there is really no doubt about it this hall really exist and they do not want you to know about it. if you go in the Wikipedia you will find only its a myth as an ancient library but that’s all. Information about this hall is being removed. so what is so valuable mentioned there about our world that we cannot know it?

Anyway, what I personally believe is this hall was not always under the sand or the land. I believe it was a normal library and the sphinx was on the top of it to show the power and protection. but by the time the sand covered it to hide it and protect it. the sphinx itself was fully covered by sand so why not the library right?

The last thing I forgot to mention is the hall really leads inside the pyramid. And also notice they found water in the hall of the record itself means the water under the pyramid is really existed and it proves the theory of Nicola Tesla that Pyramids were used for making wireless electricity.

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