Dream Trip to Luxor- Part 1

I waited 20 years to be here in this place. Luxor! The most famous ,beautifuland historical place in Egypt.

If you want to know real Egypt, then you have to come right here! So what was it like for me? How was my dream? Did it meet my expectations or was it a big disappointment for me?

February 10, 2021

10 o’clock in the morning. I already had everything packed and I was ready. I just checked the apartment and slammed the door behind me. And let’s go! Great, I really couldn’t wait to be in Luxor but still, I was at the beginning of my dream trip because it really takes a long time from Alexandria. The assumption of arrival to Luxor was after 17 hours. In addition, we went with our mutual friends with whom we agreed that we would meet at the train station in Bakous because we lived close to each other. I didn’t like the idea very much, but the train is the fastest means of transport in Egypt.

However, when we got there, we had to wait for another half-hour because our friends were late. in the meantime, 2 trains had already passed and I was already beginning to worry that we would not be able to catch our connection to Cairo and so we left our friend behind and we boarded the next train. Unnecessary delays. but in the end, they did it too! however, I was calm that I was there on time. Then we got on the next train and we headed for Cairo.

The trip to Cairo was quite comfortable and fast in about 3 hours. What I have to mention is that these long-distance trains are very good because it has toilets and they sell snacks and drinks, which is very important for a lot of people, especially in Egypt.

Cafe In Cairo train station – Highly recommend

In Cairo, we then had 2 hours to change. So we had plenty of time and because we had children with us, we headed to the Café, where we had a snack.

After that, we went to find our tourist group with a guide. When I saw our guide, I immediately got into the so-called ,,love,,.

She looked exactly like from pharaoh time and it was absolutely divine for me! Later on, I knew that she was born in Aswan and of course I had to take a picture with her right away as my personal souvenir.

Me with my adorable tourist guide

So we finally took the train towards Luxor !!! but this journey was really tiring and long. We mainly drove overnight so we slept on the train. However, the surprise for me was when we crossed Luxor and the train continued. I was getting nervous and didn’t understand what was going on. however, I found that everything has changed a bit and we are going to Aswan first. so we drove about another 3 hours longer. so the total journey over 20 hours. great !!!! I was already looking forward into a hotel, to change my clothes, refresh and rest.

but that was a really naive idea of me…

Asuan Dam

We arrived cca 7 in the morning and as soon as we got off the train, we immediately got on the bus and we went sightseeing. Our first stop was the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser, immediately followed by the island of Philae, to which we sailed by a small boat, then perfume palace and only then we went to the Hotel.

In front of Island Philae

Well, we took it a little bit fast. So let’s go back to those tours. So I was terribly tired, but it was worth it! It was empty everywhere but it was really wonderful like a fairy tale. The guide always told us the whole story and we were really lucky with our guide. Philae Island was really a dream, I wanted to make a lot of videos there, but unfortunately, I ran out of a flashlight. but I still made a small video from every place. You can find the whole complete video under this article, where of course the details of the places are also explained. The only thing that surprised me and that usually no one will tell you is that the places are really very far apart. and we had to take the bus between each places.

Perfume Palace is really worth mentioning because it produces really natural perfumes and creams and some can be found only in Egypt, such as Lotus – who have used pharaohs, or Double Yasmeen, or cream directly from Cleopatra and others! They really have a lot there, but it is important to know that if you leave the perfume uncovered, the scent will never disappear and can be used on clothes and does not cause any allergies. I had a great idea that I would start importing it into Europe, but unfortunately, they were very arrogant for this agreement and their intention is only to sell quickly. but despite that I bought 2 fragrances and the cream from Cleopatra for myself.

Our boat Hotel

Well, now we finally went to the hotel. but another surprise! no hotel but a boat! I was really surprised, but luckily I love surprises so I was excited. On the boat, we had our room where there was absolutely everything, including toilets, TV, fridge and so on. It was really luxuriously furnished.

food in our hotel

We had paid full board and I also have to praise the food, it was in the form of a buffet – they always offered ready meals, a lot of kinds of salad, fruit, sweets … so we all really enjoyed it.

and then we could finally rest. I took a bath and dreamed for a while in my comfortable bed …

but not for long … because of course, the adventure continues still that day…

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