I had such an honour to try this drink in my first Ramadan in Egypt. It was the most delicious drink which i have ever tried in my whole life And still it is till now..

The problem was that Egyptian relitives did not know how to make sobia at home.. So i have been searching for a years how to make a perfect sobia to have the True Egyptian taste.



2 tablespoon of u not cooked rice

1 Cup of water

1/4 Cup of sugar

1/4 powder Milk or 1 Cup of skimmed milk

2 CUPS coconut milk

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla sugar


Start with the rice. Crush the rice into a Fine powder, mix it with a water And let it rest for half an Hour.

Then water from the rice put into a blender And add al Ingredients. Mix it on the highest level of your blender for 3-4 minutes.

Ready Sobia pour over a sieve into a Glass carafe And put it into fridge until Will be cold.

Notice: You can keep sobia in Fridge for 3 days But the best taste IS the fresh Made.

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