Rice with Milk

Do you know rice with a milk? I think its famous all around the world with different tastes and kinds of making. Even in my country they make it but its too heavy and I never liked it so much. Its actually only about rice and the milk like disappeared i really do not know how we can afford to eat it. But since I came to Egypt I fall in love with this sweet and I was buying in on the street almost every day. The arabian countries simply knows the secret how to make it delicious way but But trust me the Egyptian is the Best !  And Today I made a big step and decided to make it at home. And believe me the home made is simply extra yummy. You must try it with me ! 


1 cup of rice

2 cups of water

3 cups of milk

4 Table spoon of corn flour

1/2 cup of sugar

 vanilla sugar

First of all wash the rice properly. Then put the rice to the pot and add 2 cups of water. Make it on a fire  -middle heat- cover it, and when it starts to boil reduce it on low heat. And leave it till the water disappear but it must be covered all the time. Mostly the boiling take around 10-15 minutes. 

In another bowl prepare 2 cups of milk with 4 Table spoon of corn flour and mix it till its smooth. Then immediately put the milk with corn flour on the rice and mix it properly. Turn the fire again on the lowest heat and keep mixing around 2 minutes. Then put the third cup of milk and half cup of sugar and vanilla sugar. Again mix it, cover it and let it to boil again.

When it starts to boil it will became heavier like a pudding. Then turn it off. And its ready !

Put the rice with milk to beautiful cups and let it get cold, you can put it also to a fridge and you can start to eat.

rice with milk

Tips: For different taste you can add up on the rice – coconut or nuts or whatever you like actually. 

Anyway I hope it does not seem complicated. Trust me once you try it you will find its pretty easy. Just do not be afraid And Go on ! 😀

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19 thoughts

    • You welcome ♥️ my pleasure .rice with milk is really awesome in Egypt..never tasted better version…btw check my new cook book I described a lot of egy recipes and history and legends, I m sure you will love it 🥰

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    • AprilEsutton -you welcome, its just make the milk fast heavy so you do not eat only the rice but also you feel a lot of milk 😀 but some people do not use it. It depends what you like at the end.

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  1. I loved every bit of it. Its so sweet of you to follow my blog , but unfortunately thats not the blog i am currently writing for. Follow datelessdays.wordpress.com kindly for updates 🙂

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    • Silver Screenings ,Yea I know there are a lot of ways for making rice with milk but try this one. Its really very fast and very delicious. And share with me the result 😀

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