Molokhia or Corchorus olitorius and also we can know it under name Jew’s Mallow is a national dish in Egypt ! 

The history say the first one who ever ate it was a Jewish man but it is not sure 100 % but what I am pretty sure about that Molokhia was eating PHARAOHS, well all of them. This food is simply too old that we even cannot remember the start but It is healthy as nothing on this earth. ..

I told it is very healthy right? For sure you would like to know in what it can help you. Here you go read it carefully:

Featured Image

Molokhia fresh leaves


1. Lowers Blood Pressure

2. Improves Circulation

3. Aids Digestion

4. Lowers Cholesterol

5. Relieves Insomnia

6. Boosts Immunity

7. Anti-Carcinogenic

8. Boosts Bone Health

9. Anti-Inflammatory

10. Cellular Growth


Well here you got 10 amazing reasons why you should try to cook it right away. But Molokhia is growing up just in the Middle east and African countries so I know that for a lot of people it could be a problem to find it.

So I find for you 2 solutions actually:

The first one is you can search for any arab shop in your neighborhood and you can ask there for it. Arabian people are kind and they will always help you. And nowadays we have really a lot of arab shops over the world.

The second one is to use instead of Molokhia a Spinach. I know the healthy value will not be the same but the taste of the food is Almost unrecognizable. So if you just curious how does it taste you can use this second variant.

Just follow the recipe and you will succeed. 

Wish you good luck and Enjoy this valuable food.


500 g of Molokhia / or can be replaced with chopped spinach
1 liter of chicken broth
1 onion
1 garlic
1 tablespoon of butter
1 tablespoon of oil
2 liters of water
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of black ground pepper
1 teaspoon of coriander



Let’s make a chicken broth: prepare a bigger pot, take the onion, cut it on a small pieces and fry it in a spoon of oil into gold color and then pour water on it.. Put chicken thighs into the water – make sure it is sunk and add a salt. Cook the chicken thighs cca. 30 minutes.
To another pot Put 500 g of molokhia/spinach  and pour hot but not boiling chicken broth on it. At least 1 liter, if we want a thinner portion, we can add up to 2 liters of chicken broth. Stir carefully and leave for a while to relax.


Related image

Dried Molokhia (Mostly we cook the food from this one but you can use even the fresh leaves but you have to cut it the same way as on this picture)

Meanwhile, on a pan melt the spoonful of butter and fry the chopped garlic on t. Add a spoonful of pepper, salt and coriander. Mix everything carefully. The color should be deep yellow.


Image result for molokhia garlic

color of garlic should be more yellow than on this picture

And immediately pour into prepared molokhia/spinach.
Mix everything together and leave it for at least 15 minutes to rest and then serve.

Serve together with cooked thighs, rice, or Arabic bread.


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