Mahshi – National Food

 When you come to Egypt so the first which all families will try to give you is a food called Mahshi. I would call it a national food of Egypt because it is simply everywhere. It has own secrets which only the Arabian people knows and today I will share it with you. Honestly it is little bit hard to make and need a lot of try but by the time even you can learn how to make it perfect. I think that Mahshi is very good and tasty food but for me – I cannot see it anymore because as I told it is simply everywhere all the time 😀 Everyone force you to eat it, everyone give it to you as a present etc…. But it worth to know it and at least once in your life to eat it 😀 Enjoy…



1 Large Green Cabbage

2 cups of white rice  (not cooked)

1 large onion  -chopped

1 garlic clove (crushed)

2 fresh tomatoes, puree or tomatoes pasta

2 chicken bouillon cubes

Herbs: Salt, Black pepper, cumin

Voluntary Herbs:

1 bunch fresh parsley,
1 bunch fresh cilantro
1 bunch fresh dill weed

Lemon Juice

dried mint



Fry the onion and garlic to golden colour.

Wash the rice in a bowl and then put inside the onion with garlic and tomatoes puree or pasta and also herbs. Mix all well.


Image result for mahshi rolls

not cooked rice with tomatoes pasta and herbs

Cooking cabbage – fill pot with a water and one spoon of oil and cumin and put inside the cabbage ( do not separate it ). Let it boil and when it will be ready ( leaves will be very easy but not transparent) so then its done. Le the cabbage cool then separate the leaves on small pieces (viz.picture).

Related image

cooking cabbage

Well honestly to let you know, I saw people do not cook the cabbage. They just separate the leaves not cooked. But of course cooked option is much better. 

Image result for mahshi cabbage leaves

cabbage small separated pieces


Then just take the ready bowl with a rice, tomatoes and herbs and the separated cabbage and start to roll it. This is the hardest part ever. It can take a months to learn it. 

I found a video for you “how to roll it” just press HERE so you can easily learn it. In the video it is with grape leaves but you can do it also the same with a cabbage. By the way you can make Mahshi also with grape leaves, it depends what you prefer.

Well each of rolls of mahshi put inside new big pot and put one beside the other. Do not leave a spaces between each other. when you finish all the rice and cabbage just fill the pot with a water and add  chicken bouillon cubes.water must just cover the mahshi but do not put too much water.

Then cover it and let it cook till the water disappear and its Done ! 

Good appetite 

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