This is very common Egyptian food.

Its made from beef meat, white cooked rice,fried bread and fried garlic with a herbs.

Its very easy so lets describe it to details:

1.Cook the meat. Put beef meat to the water (you can add onion or other herbs depends what you like) and let it boil till the meat is ready.


Beef meat with soup

As you can see on the picture the water of the meat is a soup in Egypt. They do not put any other vegetable or pasta as we are used from Europe.

2.Cook a white rice. 1 cup of rice is equal to 1,5 cup of water. It means if you put 2 cups of rice so put 3 cups of water etc.

Mix the rice with a water put salt and little oil then cover the pot and let it boil. When its boiling and you start see the rice, low the heat on minimum and let it covered till the rice disappear.  (well honestly this take little bit of exercising to make the rice really tasty and do not burn it 😀 so if you can make the rice as you are used to do or you can buy rice from a shop)

3. Fry the bread. Simply cut the  bread on a pieces and fry it on little bit amount of butter till it get gold colour.


Fried Bread

3. Make Dakah. Its a fried garlic with butter, vinger, salt and black pepper. Simply mix all together and let it fry for a little time on the pan. That`s it.




And The last step is HOW TO SERVE IT

Take a plat and put inside some fried bread and on it put rice and on the rice put 3 spoon of soup and some Dakah and ofcourse at the end the Meat.


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