Egyptian Family Barbecue 2020

We haven’t done anything like that in a long time. The Corona Virus just stopped everything. And even family life or family fun. Although thanks to the fact that we are in Egypt, we were able to go to the sea during the summer where there were no people and enjoy a little summer, but still compared to previous years, it is lousy.

In addition, Egyptians love their family, visitors, events, etc., and I think it’s an even bigger moth for them to stay at home without seeing their loved ones. But they also have a solution, and that’s called a mobile phone or camera. They can spend hours on their mobile phones and talking to their family. Which is nice on the other hand.

However, we really succeeded in this day. My husband’s sister Khadiga simply called us to come to her house and have a barbecue and a relaxing evening with the children on the roof of her house.

We all immediately liked the idea and we happily agreed. Me and my husband dressed quickly and waited for my mother-in-law and another husband’s sister, Fatma, and her daughter.

But because Khadiga’s house is a little further, we decided not to take a mini bus but a taxi. to make it faster and more comfortable for all of us. But the funny situation was when my mother-in-law told the taxi driver that she knew the abbreviation, and in the end the taxi driver got lost and didn’t know where to go next. So we had to get out and walk a short distance and then get there by Toktuk. Well, in the end, it was more expensive and we spent more time on the road than if we were taking that mini bus.

Khadiga welcomed us happily, the food was already ready and so we just took everything to the roof. We brought scooters, balls and other toys to the children, and the adults immediately sat down to eat. I must say that her food was fantastic. She made homemade kebabs with curry rice and salad, but we really ate fully!

After the meal, to my surprise, games began to be played in the sense of “activities”. I liked that adults are finally playing something, but I don’t like this game at all, so I went to make a video for you (it will be shown below).

As soon as I started filming, I saw Hoor (one of the children of my husband´s sister Somaia) running towards me, who also loves taking photos and filming. And so we finally shot the video together! I have to say that it’s a really great feeling to see a child trying to do what you do or even trying to learn from you. But I really enjoyed that time with her. We filmed the sunset, the azaan magrib and of course us and what we did during the day.

We ended the day with traditional Egyptian tea and since it was a deep night, we all said goodbye, thanked and everyone went their own way home.

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