Marsa Matrooh, Was it really Paradise?

Every time I dive into the depths of the sea, I feel how all the uncertainty is dissipating and my wounds heal. Like I was born again. If I’m not feeling well, the sea will heal me immediately … so I was really looking forward to this summer, but I had no idea what was waiting for me …

Trying to take a selfie 😀

How it all started

My husband just came from Europe and we agreed that this summer will be unforgettable. And to make it real, we had to come up with an original place to spend this year’s holidays. As soon as we started thinking, we immediately thought of the same place – Marsa Matrooh!

The place I dreamed of for 8 years !! A place that others claimed was paradise on earth !! But was it really paradise?

The journey to Marsa Matrooh, took a full 5 hours from Alexandria. We drove in a fully air-conditioned bus. And we drove without a break, so we drove fast. but even so, the journey was really long.

When we finally arrived. My husband was arranged with his friend, that we will stay in his luxury hotel. So we took a taxi and when we arrived at the designated place. The taxi driver warned us that this place does not look good and that we should return with him that he will find better accommodation for us. We didn’t want to offend our friend, so we refused. But the taxi driver gave us his phone number if we need anything to call him.

Thank God he gave us his number. Because the hotel was not luxurious at all! It was a disaster. But I already felt tired and my daughter as well, and I wanted to unpack, etc … I told my husband that I didn’t care and we would stay here. Fortunately, he refused my proposal, called the taxi driver who came back for us and we set off again ….

View from our balcony

A taxi driver took us to another hotel in 15 minutes, but this time it was really beautiful. With a lift, TV, air conditioning, etc … For 2 days of stay, they wanted 400 EGP, which is quite a good price and we had a really beautiful view of the sea. So I finally unpacked and rested.

After about an hour, which was about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, we changed into a swimsuit and went to the beach. At the reception, they told us the name of the beach we can enter and they said it was a short distance. Well, I like walking, but when we walked along the coast for almost half an hour and we could not find the beach, I ran out of my patience.

Finally, we went to the pharmacy to buy sunscreen and the lady told us exactly where the beach was located. We walked for about another 10 minutes and finally, we reached it! We immediately understood that this beach was army`s one, because we paid 150 EGP for entry for one adult person and 100EGP for a child! so a total of 400! I was really upset, but there was nothing I could do because all the other freely accessible beaches were closed due to Coronavirus.

On the beach

So when we entered, we found a cafe, swimming pool, beach, etc .. it looked really luxurious. But of course, we went straight to the beach. We wanted to sit right by the sea, but at that moment one member of the army told us that we could not go there, that it was only for hotel guests. My husband almost shouted, “We paid for the entrance and we can’t even sit down?”, So he sent us to sit in the back farther from the sea. So we at least wanted to order juice. They didn’t have what I wanted, so we ordered a mango and chocolate. God, I never drank a worse drink and it’s still so small …

the smallest drink ever

Well, we went finally to swim. The sea was quite crowded with people, but there was still one nice thing for the children, a slide into the water and then we went to the pedal boat, which was big fun. Time passed very quickly and it was time for us to return. But one thing was not right, and that was my health. I felt worse and worse, and we didn’t know why at all … I thought maybe because of the travel or because of the sun, but I never felt worse in my life.

swimming pool site

So we ordered a taxi again, which took us to the hotel. I was really happy to be in bed and I could stretch. And while my daughter and I rested, my husband went to buy us something to eat. He brought roast chicken and fruit. My daughter was so tired that she didn’t want to eat at all and woke up the next day. And What about me ??? Find out about my evening adventure tomorrow …

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