Dining like a Pharaoh – E-book

FINALLY!!! My second E-book ,,Dining like a pharaoh,, is Finally here!

I have to say I put all my heart to this E-book.

I called it my own Egyptian Master piece. Its perfect connection of Egyptian History, legends, own stories, experiences and cuisine. I wanted this recipe book to be more than just casual book with recipes. It should represent you the Egypt, Egyptian people and also Egyptian mentality.

Some food unbelievable came from the pharaoh time but some food was found by luck or people had to work very hard and were suffering until they found new combination of food which lead to new recipe.

Also some foods which are considered as Egyptian’s one, at the end it can turn it’s not from Egyptian land at all!

The history mixed all together. But in this E-book I tried to make it very clear and easy as much as possible.

People who are mentioned in my ebook are for me the real Hero. Even they are not famous, maybe you have never heard about them ever before. I guarantee you these information you will never ever find in the internet. Because to get these informations I was searching in really old books, in Arabic texs and worked with Egyptian people.

So at the end it is really very unique recipe book and that’s why I call in my own Egyptian Master piece.

Enjoy this E-book and remember each of recipe should not satisfied only your body but at the first place your soul ❤️❤️❤️



Dining like a Pharaoh Ebook


Get Hard copy book here:

4 thoughts

  1. From beginning to end this incredible gem of a book is filled with fun facts, personal accounts, and delicious recipes on Egyptian/Arab/North African cuisine. It is by far the most delightful, unique approach to breaking down aspects of this region of the world’s flavorful history, quite literally. This book and it’s entire layout is a brilliantly done new and fresh idea. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to satisfy their cravings for both food and knowledge. Was an absolute joy to read and my husband loved it too. I learned new things about this rich civilization that I didn’t even know. So did my husband and that says alot cuz he’s Egyptian! Loved it, thank you, Niqab girl, for sharing this work of art with the world

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    • Awww thanks soo much!!!! You made my day, really! ♥️ I am so grateful even your husband read it and as egyptian he liked it and also you learnt a new things. Thank you for reading my book 📚 and such awesome comment ♥️🇪🇬


  2. The idea of ​​the book is new and wonderful, I wish this experience success and I agree with you that the book is not just a book for recipes as much as it lists an important aspect of the formation of any civilization, which is the food and its types in this period of time, food since ancient times It represents more of a cultural aspect than a means of killing the feeling of hunger.

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    • Thank you for this beautiful comment 🤠 it would never be like this without you. Thank you again for everything ☺️ I wish this book will bring pleasure to everyone who will read it. Because we put inside our hearts.


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