Nikola Tesla confirms “Ancient Egypt used wireless power.”

You have certainly heard countless theories about pyramids. You heard it`s a tomb of Pharaoh, or extraordinary civilization built it, or it was made for a higher purpose as travelling to space or as a gate to paradise. Indeed, there are many such theories.

But the last theory I have heard is absolutely incredible. And I have to say that it is really logical and I myself truly lean to this theory at 100%. And what is it about? the truly unbelievable thing which we do not have till now – transmission of wireless power.
It really is true. We can’t do it today, although we’re definitely not far away. But the old Egyptians knew how to do it exactly. We know well the pyramids were not built only in Egypt but around all the world. And thanks to the pyramid and wireless power, they could communicate and use energy around all the world for free. Don’t believe? I have a real proof for you. Keep reading.

With wireless power is connected, one very well known name Nikola Tesla – Serbian-American engineer and physicist. I am sure everyone has heard about him. And everybody knows his irreplaceable discoveries such as x-ray, light, laser, electric motor, radio … He was really a genius. And so it is no wonder he invented another huge discovery, and thus confirmed the way of wireless power transmission, which ancient Egyptians used. For sure you ask yourself what is the huge discovery to confirm this theory? Well, it is Nikola`s renowned Tower Power.



There is evidence that he really built a huge tower and carried out a public experiment. it was such a huge glow that it sparked the whole city. but what’s more, this energy was transmitted and able to light up the other lights. Tesla did not conceal that to this discovery he used knowledge of ancient Egypt. On the contrary, Tesla was the first person to confirm that ancient Egypt used wireless power. unfortunately tesla had a lot of enemies and his work and the tower were destroyed.

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But this is not about Tesla, I used it in this article just as proof that it really exists and we have no doubt about it today.
It is worth noting that Tesla`s Tower worked closely on the same principle as the pyramids. so Tesla’s words are really true.


Look at the picture. in short, we need a few basic things for wireless power to work. Sun, water under the pyramids or tower, to be in the right,, height,, of the air – that the important thing what Tesla found out – if you put the tower to the right height of the air so the energy will spread alone. Top of the pyramids was made of gold and as we all know gold is electrically conductive. and then in the middle of the pyramids was a granite as an energy transceiver. and if we connect all of this together, we have wireless energy.

I gave you a primitive description of the wireless power now. Of course, the whole process is far more complicated than I mentioned above and if you want to go deep into so search on the Internet and you will find everything in detail. But I just wanted to give you the idea about wireless power in this article. let’s look at some evidence from the hieroglyph now …


What this picture remind you? well maybe many things but the right thing is a bulb!


Everyone know this the most famous symbol of Ancient Egypt. Anch – symbol of entire life. In our form its the receiver of the energy.


This last picture presents Wireless antenna and transmitter of the energy.

So we already have the evidence. As we said, the pyramids are all over the world. And if their system worked so they managed to light the whole world and transmit and share information really easily. Actually, they had today’s “Internet” but of course in a slightly different form. Isn’t that fantastic?
The last thing that occurred to me is that pharaoh mummies were actually discovered in the pyramids. So if they used the pyramids as a way of communication, why did they bury them there? My own thought is the pharaohs should never have died. They had an eternal afterlife. and if in the middle of the pyramid was accumulated energy and maintained there so in this way could be preserved Pharaoh’s body and maybe even the soul ?? Egypt and the afterlife is really another very long chapter that I will write about next time.

So hieroglyphs have been wrongly understood for a very long time. now when you look at them again with this new information, everything makes perfect sense and the images seem suddenly quite clear. I truly believe this theory is absolutely true and I only bow to the wisdom and knowledge that the Pharaohs or the ancient Egyptians had.
It is also proof that we are really behind them and that we only discover what has been discovered recently. But we can’t use it the right way as the Egyptian did. Sad truth. I am sure that hieroglyphs will lead us to further incredible knowledge of ancient Egypt.

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