A drink rouge as ruby ​​and coldly iced, What it is? Aeanab!


Day D was here! Finally, I’ll meet the Egyptian family. Finally I am going to meet my Egyptian family! Seriously I could not believe it…The luck finally smiled at me and brought me such a huge triumph to my life!

I was not able to fall in sleep last night. I felt such a big happiness inside of me but also a worries “Will be everything fine?”  How will the people look like? How will  they treat me? Will they like me? A thousands question crossed my mind.

My first stop before I came to the family was at the University of Law. We picked up Khadija there. It was the first girl I saw in niqab and she absolutely enchanted me. And this girl was decisive in our “rough drink” but let’s not to skip the story…

So after having a great time with the Egyptian family for a long time, Khadiga suggested that we will go for a walk into the vortex of the great party, or to the streets of Egyptian´s night life.

I absolutely loved this idea, I always dreamed of the night life. In Europe I always had to go to the bed soon because of my family and lifestyle. Unfortunately, what destiny wanted was that after we got out I started to feel very bad. Physically badly..Maybe from the travelling or from changing the continent but thanks of God, Khadiga had a quick solution. 

She ran to the nearest shop with drinks and bought red-ruby beverage, coldly iced…and immediately she give it to my hand “Drink, this will help you”. Personally I love to try a new things in my life but when I took the drink to my hand I got a shock little bit..No, it was So BIG SHOCK! I have never seen such a colour of a drink and  actually I had no idea what It is. No one was able to translate it to me. I still heard from them Aenab, Aenab, Aenab. But even they would repeat it a thousands time I did not get which drink is in my hand.

My first terrifying thought was that it’s just plain blood !! And that is why I asked my the stupidest question ever. “Does Vampires drink this?” Thank goodness Khadija is really intelligent and immediately understood what’s going on. She laughed so much and assured me that it is not a blood at all.

“Uff,” I sighed and finally tried the drink.. The first taste was bitter, however, seemed to have a delicious sweet flavor. I don’t remember if I felt better after the drink or not, but I definitely didn’t drink it all, because the taste was very strange and confusing to me. I couldn’t tell if I liked it or not. Sometimes I am very indecisive and it took me at least another two years to fall in love to this drink.

Now I totally love this drink and I had to get the recipe. As with any food or drink which I adore. So I found two types of recipe to prepare this drink. One cold and the other hot-drinking as tea- but my favorite one is of course the Cold recipe !

I have the most amazing memories of  IT !

So here it is, definitely try it because it is extremely healthy !!!



Cold Recipe of Hibiscus drink



♥ 30 grams of dry Hibiscus

♥ 2 liters of water

♥ 1 cup of sugar


How To Make Delicious Hibiscus Drink

Put the water in a bowl and add the dry Hibiscus. Let it rest at least 2 in a dark place. However, it is best to leave the Hibiscus soaked in water overnight.

After that we drain through a cloth to get only clean hibiscus water. The water will be dark red to black.

Then put cup of sugar in a pot and add 1 cup of hibiscus water. And on medium fire, while stirring, dissolve the sugar and immediately add to the remaining hibiscus water.

Let it cool in fridge


Notice: You must drink Hibiscus really chilled! But never add ice.


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