Lust is stronger than sense, so they kissed…

silhouette photo of man and woman about to kiss

It was obvious they loved each other and the love lasted with them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the two were from different families and circumstances. Sofia was from a Jewish family and Muhammad from a Muslim. And although Muhammad may marry a Muslim woman, Sofia’s father did not want to hear about such a marriage!

It was really suffering for them because they truly loved each other and even were neighbours, so they saw each other daily. So they could not forget each other, even they tried.

But Sofia’s father made a radical cut! He married her against her will, with another man also from a Jewish family. And he was very proud of himself for defending his daughter’s honour before there was an unfortunate accident with her chosen Muhammad.

Unfortunatelly, he was wrong…

Time passed and Sofia already had three children! She lived far from home and seldom visited her father … but then came the news that her father was very ill. Sofia was terrified, immediately packed up and went to see her father. But she knew she would see Muhammad. And Muhammad still was not married and still lived in the same apartment. Sofia, therefore, decided to wear Niqab so that Muhammad would not recognize her.

When she came to her father, he was really very sick and Sofia had to take care of him. So she stayed with him, took care of everything and her father did better and better every day. He was happy that his daughter was with him with his grandchildren. and he was very proud of them all.

However, one morning Sofia went to the bakery for fresh bread. and when she returned she saw Muhammad in front of the elevator. Of course, Muhammad did not know that it was her, so they boarded the elevator together. just before they stepped out, the Sofia looked into his eyes … and it took Mohammed’s breath away. He knew her!

,,Sofia,,… just sighed ..

“No sir, you are wrong. I’m not Sofia. ,,

“You’re lying, I recognized you by your eyes. Only my love, Sofia, had such eyes.,,

They looked at each other for a long time, and suddenly in a second, all the Love was back, all the memories, all the plans … lust is stronger than sense, and so for the first time in their lives they kissed.

However, Sofia recovered immediately and ran out of the elevator to her apartment. She blamed herself, crying all night but knowing that she loved him completely and devotedly.

The next morning she did something she never expected. She woke up before her father and children and went to see Mohamed. She planned to tell him that what had happened yesterday was a big mistake, and she wanted to ask him not to tell anyone. but….

when she knocked on his door, mohamed opened in a second and as they saw each other, they fell around their necks, kissed with tears … touched and continued to the bedroom

After this sin, Sofia went back to her husband home.


1 year later…

It was Ramadan and Sofia with her husband, and the children went to visit her father again. Her father was already completely healthy and he was living very well. But they had a big surprise for him, they introduced him a new family member. Baby, boy … They showed him to all their neighbours and the parents were really so proud of this babyboy..

But they were all shocked by one thing. The boy had exactly the same face as Muhammad! He was exactly the same, without a single difference! How is it possible? everyone started whispering about it … till it reached Muhammad.

It was clear for Muhammad, so he wait for Sofia in front of her father`s apartment. And they did meet. Muhammad went to her relentlessly, looking at the child without greeting her.

“He’s my son,” he shouted on all the house

,,what are you saying? this is not true at all! Apparently you forgot I am married !! ,, Sofia was absolutely upset ..

“So listen to me well, you will divorce and we will be with our son together. Or I’ll go to your husband and tell him everything by myself.,,

“You cannot do this! you Can’t deprive my children of their dad ?!,,

,,And you have no right to deprive me of my son!,,

Sofia just started cry and cry… for her sin, she was punished too harshly! She knew very well that the boy was really the son of Muhammad, but she did not know what to do.

If she confesses to her husband, he will take from her children … if her father finds out, he will kill her and Muhammad as well. But Muhammad did not joke. if she doesn’t get divorced, he’ll go speak to her husband alone.

So what should she do? WHAT????

Sofia eventually made a radical decision. she packed all her children and left … where? Nobody knows, because no one has ever heard about her again …

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