She could not afford Three jobs anymore, what now?


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The problem was that Omahmed was from a farmer’s family and her chosen one was from Alexandria. The farmer’s family does not accept new people among themselves, only those with whom they have known since long time ago. But because they really loved each other, and it was a deep love, Omahmed left her family and went with her love to Alexandria. Soon they got married.

But Her husband soon became ill and could not work. He stayed home and Omahmed went to work. But because she wasn’t educated, her chances of getting a good job were really poor. In the end, she managed to find a job as a “cleaning woman,” but she earned the money just for food and to cover the charges. But they had no money left to afford a doctor for her husband. And so they did not know what illness he has.

And despite all this, they had 4 children together. Two girls and two boys. When the children grew up Omahmed had to take care of their own future. The boys found work and the girls successfully married. Just to marry the girls was really difficult for her. Because she decided to send them back to her family and find the grooms there to have a better life than herself.

But it had one problem. Marrying a daughter as a farmer requires a really big dowry. And when I say big I mean really big! For example, he has to equip the whole apartment – 4 TVs, 3 refrigerators, 2 stoves, 3 ovens, 120 towels, 50 clothes, 40 shoes etc … a huge amount. The groom, in return, gives his bride a lot of gold as a wedding gift.

Well at this time Omahmed had 3 jobs to manage to save all of this by herself. And twice! For, as I mentioned, she had two daughters. But she succeeded and I think she should be really proud of herself!

Unfortunately, her sons did not grow up very well. Even though she found them a job and gave money and advice to life in the beginning … The sons wasted their money, coughed up for work, started to take drugs, and went completely down. And that it would have occurred to them to help or reward their mother the care she had given them all her life? They never thought about it! On the contrary, they were glad to get rid of their mother! But unfortunately, both of them eventually came back to their mother as beggars, because they could not live on their own…

However, Omahmed’s forces were already depleted, and she couldn’t do 3 jobs as before. So she sent them back to the farmers. Hopefully, they will be successful there and build their lives there. But one son was injured there and sent him back to Omahmed. And he became dependent on her.

Shortly after this incident ‘, her husband died. After his death, they discovered that he had had cancer and lived with it for 30 years. Omahmed was very sad, she loved her husband deeply throughout her life and never blamed him. And now he’s gone, she couldn’t imagine her life without him.

It might now seem that her life was getting better now, and that she finally had enough money. But the opposite is true. Omahmed, because she was old, fell ill with her back and hands and could no longer work as a cleaning woman. Soon she lost her apartment because she couldn’t even afford rent. She had no food … she didn’t know what to do, she was really clueless, but she never complained. So she was looking for another job and found a job as a caretaker in a poor neighbourhood. But she was glad to accept it because they promised her 500 egp a monthly plus a sleeping room.

However, charges have risen again in the meantime, and 500 egp will not feed her and her son who is left on her neck. The daughters have forgotten or turned away from her. So she began to circumvent the people she knew and begged them for help. She had never begged for anything before, she could afford all by herself, but now she had nothing left to do.

The room in which she lives is full of mice and mould, and even though it is clean, it can not get rid of it. Her room also contains everything, one bed, a refrigerator, a stove, clothes, and a son must sleep under her bed on the ground to fit in there somehow. Often they only eat beans with bread and have nothing else.

For Omahmed, eggs, milk, or vegetables have become a luxury that she can’t afford.

But even now, although she has become practically beggar, she does not complain. She always thanks God for everything life brought to her.

I really guess we should learn from this woman a lot. Let`s stop complaining about your life, and let’s be more grateful. Indeed you have much more than this woman.

Thank you for reading

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